Four Surprising Items Seniors Should Take with Them on Their Next Vacation, and One You Shouldn’t

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or you’re new to hopping on an airplane and flying across the globe, there are things everyone knows to pack in their luggage. Clothing, shoes, and toiletries are musts, but there are plenty of other things you should consider bringing too. That’s especially the case if you’re a senior.

Making a list while you’re packing is a great way to ensure you don’t leave anything behind. When you’re in the process of making your next list, here are four items you might want to add, and one thing you surprisingly might want to leave at home.

A Smart Alarm Clock

An alarm clock probably isn’t on your travel list. After all, you can just use your phone or the alarm clock in the room.

It’s true that you have multiple options when it comes to getting up in the morning when you’re on vacation, but you may want to consider a SmartSet alarm clock instead.

Relying on your phone can spell disaster if it dies overnight, or you lose your charger. Not to mention, depending on where you’re traveling, your phone may be useless, so there’s no point in keeping it on at all.

The hotel alarm clock can’t do half the things a smart clock can. It’s a huge benefit to have one on vacation because it includes a night light, its Bluetooth capabilities enable you to connect with other devices, and it automatically maintains the correct time during a power outage. It is also a great way to remember what time it is back home, if you’re vacationing across the globe!

An Extra Pair of Glasses

Traveling with glasses can be a challenge. Traveling with contact lenses may seem like a good solution, but they aren’t the right option for all seniors. Whether you’re traveling with glasses or contact lenses, they can both be relatively easy to lose.

The last thing you want to do is try and find a place to buy a new pair of glasses or contact lenses while you’re traveling! Instead, bring along an extra pair of glasses, just in case.

Money Belt

Why bother with a money belt when you can just use your purse or a wallet? It’s true that using what you’re used to is convenient, but it’s convenient for pickpockets too.

Thieves focus on travelers when deciding who to pickpocket, and unfortunately, seniors are favorite targets. Rummaging in a purse and pulling a wallet out of a back pocket are easy, which could leave you without an ID or money.

A money belt is a fantastic way to stop thieves in their tracks. When worn in front, thieves can’t get their hands on your cash. Your items are even more secure if you tuck your money belt into your pants.

An Extra Week’s Worth of Medication

Traveling with medication on an airplane is easier than you might think. A few tips include:

Tell the screening officer if you have medically necessary liquids in your bag.
Medication in pill form can be brought on the plane in unlimited amounts.
Always put your medication in a carry-on.
Although TSA doesn’t require prescription bottles, you should use them to avoid potential problems with other agencies.

Because it is relatively easy to travel with medication, you should make sure you pack an extra week’s worth of medicine. That way, a delayed plane or change in your travel plans doesn’t cause any undue stress.

Don’t Check a Bag

What’s the one thing you should consider leaving at home? A checked bag.

Although there are pros to checking a bag when you travel, it’s always less stressful to bring a carry-on instead. It ensures you have everything with you on the plane, which can be extremely important if you will be spending hours on the airplane flying overseas.

Using a carry-on bag means when you land, there’s no need to wait at the carousel for your checked bag. You can leave the airport and get your vacation started a little earlier. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about your bags getting lost.

You’ll save a little money too. Checked bags cost extra!

Don’t arrive at your destination and realize there’s something important you left at home. Think carefully about what you might need, and consider the things on this list. Whether you decide to add them to your packing list or not, at least you won’t panic and realize you left something important behind!

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