The Ultimate Travel Safety Guide For Cannabis Enthusiasts

As the holiday season is around, everyone would have their plans. While most people would want to spend time with family, some may want to travel. You may want to take a break all the more this season after being packed indoors due to the pandemic. While it makes sense to go the extra mile with travel safety right now, cannabis enthusiasts need to be a tad more careful. You will have to stay safe from the virus as well as make sure that you don’t go against the law. You need not worry much about traveling safely with weed, provided you take the right measures to be on the right side of the law. Here is the ultimate travel safety guide that cannabis lovers can rely on.

Study the local laws carefully

Although this sounds elementary, most weed travelers fail to do proper research on the local laws of their destination. It is something you shouldn’t take frivolously as every state and city has different laws related to cannabis usage and even the quantity you can carry lawfully. While some states accept medical cannabis cards issued in other states, many won’t. Also, some parts of the country are still running old laws, and carrying weed can get you in trouble. It is best to start with careful research of legalities in the jurisdiction you plan to travel to. If you are visiting a weed-loving friend, don’t hesitate to ask for some information.

Know your rights

Traveling to a destination where medical marijuana is legal gets you in a safe place but knowing your rights is always a smart approach. If you are aware, you will be able to take a stand if you are detained unlawfully. You need not agree to illegal searches as long as you are abiding by the norms. Instead, you can state your objections to the authorities if your rights are violated.

Shop the right accessories

Here comes the most practical piece of advice for cannabis lovers! Before you embark, you should have a look at your stuff and stock up for the trip. Check whether you can travel with accessories. If you have the permissions, look for discreet pieces that do not grab unnecessary attention. For example, avid smokers can check an online headshop to pick pipes and bongs that are easy to carry. Also, ensure that they are sturdy enough to make it through the journey.

Store your stash carefully

Another aspect of traveling safely with weed is storage. The objective is to make sure that your stuff retains its quality and does not attract attention due to its sight and smell. Get an airtight container, which won’t allow light, heat, and oxygen in or out. Packing in an extra layer of plastic is sensible to keep the aroma locked in. Also, make sure that it isn’t visible, whether you are traveling by road or flight. Keeping it on the car seat or in your hand luggage could invite trouble.

Apart from taking these precautions, be sure to carry your documents whenever you leave home with cannabis. Your doctor’s prescription and medical marijuana card would be enough to validate the legitimacy of the stuff you are carrying, even if you fall prey to the prying eyes of the authorities.

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