The Pitstop Planner – How to Experience Nature When Travelling With Family

Experiences will bond a family, uniting them in a shared venture that is treasured forever. When these occasions are experienced in nature, the whole family can disconnect from the daily grind and immerse in the moment. If it’s been a while since you stepped outside with your loved ones, or you’re not quite sure where to start, try some of these group nature ideas.

Family sport

Taking time on a weekend or holiday to get outdoors and be active is something that the whole family will enjoy. Not only that, it’s also a healthy practise to imprint on your children. It doesn’t have to be too complicated either, just a run around with some soccer balls, a cricket kit or even some badmitten. Whatever sport your family worships – start recreating it!

This can be particularly fun on a family holiday, when you are outdoors already and have access to beautiful parts of nature. Deciding what sort of sports the whole family want to play, and what is the most optimal equipment to pack, will save you the headache of a last minute cull before you set out.

Hikes and trails

Be careful in framing this activity, because your children may give you that look if you tell them you’re about to embark on a four hour walk. So always lead with the adventure that awaits them. Hikes and trails are enjoyed by parents and children alike, with many opportunities to get up close to the local wildlife.

Wherever you are travelling, Australia is home to many walking and hiking trails, so you can select one that interests you and your family the most – beach, bush, forest or rainforest. You can even put one person in charge of the map, the other refreshments, and another one can decide when you stop for breaks.

Mode of transport

It’s so easy to just take a taxi in a new city when you are travelling with family. But what if you chose to walk instead, take the ferry, or a local bus? These different transport modes will give you a more “hands-on” experience of your surroundings, and it’s a great way to get into the local step of a city and live like they do. More often than not, these transport options will put you right in the centre of the action, as transit stops are notoriously placed near tourist hot spots and iconic landmarks.


Every city will have a market, and most will have more than one. These outdoor markets will offer a fusion of cultural culinary delights, and some will offer hand-made crafts and second-hand trinkets. Understand what markets are available in the location you are travelling to and be one of the first in attendance to try the local cuisine or purchase a momento.

The best part about going to the markets is that they are completely outdoors, driving home that importance of getting outside and exploring your surroundings. Who says you have to go indoors to shop and dine?


Nothing beats pitching a tent and setting up camp under the stars. Waking up with the sun and spending the day at the beach or lake are memories your children will replicate again when they are parents themselves. This type of holiday gives you a huge nature hit, and there are so many activities to keep the whole family entertained. Play cards by the fire, or enjoy an open air BBQ after a long day in the sun – there is so much you can squeeze into a camping break.

Not enough of us are getting out there and experiencing nature. Vitamin D and a promise of memories are just some of the drawcards, with options that will surprise and delight every member of the family.

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