The Most Extreme Things You Should Do in Canada in 2018

Regardless of your taste or ability, there is an adventure that you will want to explore in Canada. Essentially, this country has thrills for everyone. Whether you prefer spending time within city boundaries or at an exotic location, you will find something extreme to do in Canada. So, if you are struggling with assignments, engage E-writing service to finish schoolwork and head out there. You will have more fun exploring the diverse geography and history of this country. There is no doubt that you will realize that Canada is among the most exciting countries to explore. In fact, there are few places on the planet that have the awe-inspiring natural wonders that Canada has.

Generally, Canada is the most beautiful country in the world. Each province of this country has unique wonders. Whether you are looking for the pristine beauty of the northern lake, rugged expanse of the Rocky Mountains, beautiful red soils, rolling prairies grasslands, or Maritimes lighthouses, this country has them all. What’s more, the country has a rich architecture and history. Thus, there are endless possibilities of the things that you can do in Canada. But, there are extreme things that you should do in Canada in 2018.

They include the following:

Storm-Watching in Vancouver Island

Every winter, the west coast in Vancouver Island occupies the front-row seat for spectacular North America storms. Storm-watching is one of the most extreme things that you should do in Canada this year. You will remember your trip forever when you do this if you are visiting Canada. So, put on the right rain gear then take on the tempest on the rocky Pacific shores. Take shelter in a luxury, cozy hotel during your trip. To experience the full fury of the storms, wander along the beaches or follow the Wild Pacific Trail to enjoy a cliff-top view. You can observe the storms from a window of a hotel room or by taking a tour from Tofino town.


Whistler-Blackcomb is perhaps the best ski resorts not just in North America, but in the world over. It was the principal 2010 Olympic Winter Games’ venue. It has almost 200 marked trails as well as the highest vertical drop of a ski field in America. You can wander around this resort to Ruby Bow and enjoy an unforgettable experience. You will find the best Whistler-Blackcomb power here, falling continuously for over 600m.

Watch the Killer Whale

Hungry creatures that include orcas pods follow the salmon along the west coast when they spawn in their full swim during August. Boats of Whale-watchers tail along to view these beautiful creatures. However, kayaking provides the best and most intimate way of watching the killer whales. Killer whales pick off salmon while cruising towards the Fraser River. Orca spends downtime rubbing their bellies against the Robson Bight pebbly beach. This is the only place world over where this happens. You might also spot sea lions, bald eagles, and Dall’s porpoises along the way before bending down to swimming orcas sound as they surface past the tent. But, you shouldn’t fear because killer whales feast on fish only.

Watch the Polar Bears

The migration route for polar bears is Churchill. They spend winters hunting in the frozen bay and their summers on land while passing via Manitoba town during October. There are purpose-built buggies where you can take a tour for a day. You can also stay in the transportable ‘tundra lodges’ hoping that you won’t see the polar bears in town. The local authorities maintain vigil 24 hours between September and November. At night, you may hear sounds of gunshot fires as they shoo away town-bound bears. Repeat offenders and nuisance makers are taken to the cinderblock cells away from the old military base, also called the Polar Bear Jail. They reside here till winter.

River Kayaking or Canoeing

Go kayaking or canoeing in the South Nahanni River in Nahanni National Park Reserve. This National Park is the first World Heritage site in Canada. It is a wild place with a pure-blooded and untamed river that tumbles over 500km via the jagged Mackenzie Mountains. It also includes a 125m of a drop over Virginia Falls that measure 200m in width. You can start your paddling trip on South Nahanni where your plane lands. The river placidly meanders for 188kms via broad valleys. Kayak through the Blackstone Territorial Park, via the steep-sided and turbulent canyons and eventually along the Liard River. Wolves, Dall sheep, mountain goats, moose and grizzly bear patrol the entire landscape.

No matter how busy you are these are the most extreme things that you should do in Canada in 2018. Even if you have a pressing task like a dissertation to write, complete it fast and head out to Canada. Engage a dissertation formatting service to complete this task and join other travelers for an adventure that you will live to remember.

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