The Joys of Bathing

We are more than happy to endorse this sponsored post from American Tubs because there is almost nothing we like more than a good soak in a nice tub.

Traveling the world you may not always get the benefits and comfort of home but regardless of where you are taking the time to relax and enjoy a leisurely soak in the tub is something that anyone at any age would relish. American Tubs takes the joy of bathing so much further than you could ever imagine possible by designing and manufacturing walk in tubs that are customizable with specific attention to safety and superiority.

Each detail put into the design ensures that you are getting a safe and comfortable tub that allows for the user to relax amongst it jet-system and air bubbles that are placed in just the right locations to hit those pressure points and not cause excess water waste (added features). Hydrotherapy eases compression on joints and muscles. Correspondingly, water works on internal body parts. It also improves the flow of blood in the body and helps with the pain. Chromotherapy has a long history of therapeutic properties by using the appeal of various colors to enhance one’s’ mood or alleviate pain.

One of the biggest claims against walk in tubs is that no one wants to sit in a cold tub waiting until the water drains.

The key item that really puts American tubs in the top of their class is their patented HurryDrain© Fast Drain and overflow kit that is guaranteed to drain the tub in 110 seconds.

Unlike other drains that claim they use a “faster” drain, American Tubs ADA approved HurryDrain© uses a gravity-fed process and fits nearly all residential plumbing, so no extra power source or construction is necessary when installing.

The benefits of walk-in tubs run the gamut of benefits for individuals that are living independent senior lives, living with handicaps, or simply a lover of luxury. Besides all these personal benefits, the bathtubs are a long-term financial investment. The safety inclusions that come with these bathtubs make them suitable for abiding use. You can use it in your youthful years all the way to sunset years. It serves its purpose and more so with the passage of time.

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