The Galapagos Is Evolving With Luxury Yacht Cruises

In the past, exploring the Galapagos Islands could only be done on land as the ancient explorers did. However, the advent of technology has altered everything about this archipelago as you can now sit inside a yacht while checking out the various astonishing things found in different parts of the islands.

The introduction of these yachts has not only made it easier for people to visit the islands, but it has also increased the fun involved. Today, you can join a Luxury 8-day cruise in the Galapagos Islands and optimize your experience of this excellent destination.

New additions to the sea

In the last few months, the Galapagos have welcomed some new luxury boats and yachts that will make the Galapagos experience more comfortable for people. One of the new luxury additions to the Galapagos Islands is the Celebrity Flora, which is a state-of-the-art yacht with several top-of-the-range features. Its retractable, floor-to-ceiling windows give you a perfect view of wildlife regardless of where you are in the yacht.

M/V Origin and M/V Theory are also magnificent boats that will offer people a taste of the luxury of the Galapagos. Each of these boats can take as many as 20 passengers; hence, they are suitable for families or groups that just want to share fun-filled time with known faces.

Of course, the Galapagos Islands are not only welcoming new small yacht; many large vessels have also been added to the fleet. Now, there are more than 25 luxury vessels on the islands with each offering a wide range of services to its passengers at varying costs. For budget cruises, each passenger will have to pay about $3,000 or more. However, if you want to enjoy similar itineraries on one of the luxury yachts, you have to pay around $6,600 to $15,000.

Choosing the right vessel for your needs

Although different vessels may visit varying places, it is usually easy to compare their services. This is because most of these vessels focus on providing top-notch services to their customer. Therefore, you may struggle with choosing one of these boats and yachts. However, if you are mindful of your specific state, you should be able to select one of these vessels.

If you are concerned about the kinds of meals that you will take while cruising around the Galapagos, then you should choose either M/V Origin or M/V Theory. These two vessels have a French-trained chef and other factors that will make you get the best culinary delight on the sea. They offer the best of both Ecuadorian and international dishes. In addition, the yacht comes with some classy outdoor daybeds and all-suite accommodations that will make you savor the trip for a long period. The vessel is pricey as each person has to pay over $7,800 for double occupancy. People looking for more privacy can pay $157,000 to rent the entire yacht.

For design lovers, the Elite may be the best choice. Capable of taking 16 passengers, this all-suite catamaran has everything you can look for in a small-sized yacht. With the aid of its magnificent panoramic windows, you can enjoy the views of all the things going on around you while cruising on the waters. The semi-covered sky deck is impeccable for dinners with your friends and family members. Its bathrooms come with rain showers that will make showering more comfortable and enjoyable for you.

The Celebrity Flora is definitely a befitting option for luxury travelers that want utmost comfort as they explore the Galapagos Islands. This 100-passenger yacht has 1,288-square-foot penthouses that have large verandas. It comes with all-suite accommodations that ensure you have everything you need to enjoy your stay on the Galapagos Islands.

Important considerations

While most tourists will be satisfied with the basic things that the yachts are capable of offering, many wilderness enthusiasts will look forward to enjoying much more. As a result of this, they will want to experience certain things during their trip to the Galapagos Islands. For example, most passionate birdwatchers will want to go for vessels that will make them have access to seeing various species of birds. Divers, on the other hand, will be on the lookout for yachts with scuba diving equipment.

However, the majority of these wilderness enthusiasts will probably have to make do with the standard Galapagos cruises that most companies provide. The good thing about the cruises is that wildlife is accustomed to welcoming humans into the habitat. Therefore, they are usually unconcerned about the activities and presence of humans around them. Some of the animals will even interact with you without showing any form of fear.

In conclusion, the Galapagos Islands are changing quickly. All thanks to the various luxury yacht cruises that have been introduced to the islands recently.

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