The best places to visit in the USA in summer 2018

There exist plenty of places which are worth visiting in the USA in summer – this county has varied scenery in different regions. On its territory, you will find any kind of leisure. Just like planning celebration of New Year, willing to spend unforgettable summer vacation you are to find a worthy place. To determine your preferences, look through tourist places in the USA listed below.

Places to feel connection with nature

Quick pace of life and daily routine have its impact on our well-being. For some of us, the best way to distress and recharge the batteries is to enjoy the sunlight, sound of waves, and birdsongs. Below you will find places to visit in America which will help you to reborn.

Gulf Shores (Alabama)

“Gulf Shores” is an answer to the question “Where to go on vacation not to spend all the savings and still have a great time?” The place is famous for beautiful beaches and great nightlife. Have you ever dreamed of a house on the beach? This is your opportunity to make this dream come true because here you can easily rent a beach house for cheap to spend a week of carefree life. You don’t even need to think of help with essay writing! Tan to your pleasure throughout the day and go to the Hangout to taste some seafood, popular beach snacks, and summer drinks.

Daytona Beach (Florida)

The East Coast destination, this place is known for Daytona 500 and Bike Week. But even if these events do not represent any interest for you, be sure this spot has its allure. The cleanest beaches in this area make it one of the best places to visit in America. Come to Daytona Beach to recharge your batteries. Tanning, swimming, buying handmade pieces from talented artists on the boardwalk, eating ice cream, playing volleyball and other popular beach games, and romantic evening walks – all that you can have here.

Phoenix (Arizona)

If you had enough of beach rest and are looking for an alternative destination for summer allowing to communicate with nature, Phoenix is what you need. That is here that you can afford to get lost in the beauty of desert. Incredible views of Camelback Mountain Echo Canyon and South Mountain Park in sunset or sunrise hours will take your breath. All those unparalleled ancient rock formations will fascinate your eyes. It is the place to take photos of desert plants that you have never seen before. It is also the best option if you like active leisure or are looking for easy ways to get your weight down because hiking around you will make a focus on beautiful landscapes but not your fatigue. This beauty is worth every coin spend on a trip. Diversify your leisure visiting bars in downtown, museums, and different city sights.

Top cities to visit in the USA

Whether it is due to your habits, tastes or you need to change the scenery that you enjoy daily as a person living in the countryside, if you are one of the adherents of vacation in the city, you do have plenty of options to choose from in the USA. You can plan a hot summer rest in Las Vegas or try on the lifestyle of a citizen from the city of stars. You can satisfy your requirements within the territory of this country!

Los Angeles (California)

If you feel the desire to visit the city which is the center of it all, pack your things and take a ticket to Los Angeles! One of the best tourist places in the USA, it allows its visitors to feel themselves the heroes of those television series of the “Beverly Hills” type. What a fun! Walking down beautiful streets, or going for a run, you can enjoy that feeling all day around. Apart from it, you have a great number of variants of exciting and eventful vacation: start with the Hollywood sign, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a star bus tour to get into that atmosphere. Are you a TV show lover? Take a studio lot tour to be in the participant ‘s shoes of one of those shows.

Disneyland, another awesome place for rest is in a 30-minute drive from the city: the paradise for children and those adults who do not fear to confess that they are kidults. Well, of course, you will not leave Los Angeles without having fun while shopping. Do you know what makes it a perfect place for summer rest? In LA, you will have it all: city rush and beach rest without a need to relocate as long as you want to stay. Surf, lie on the lawn chair, turf, play beach volleyball, or spend time visiting the sights. Los Angeles will satisfy every your need.

Nashville (Tennessee)

This place is meant for music fans. Though you may not find it on the list of “top vacation destinations USA,” it is a great spot for those who are looking for the best remedy to cure soul enjoying the classic tunes and instruments. When walking on sidewalks of the Music City, you will find plenty of affordable restaurants on your way. That is where you can find quality southern food. On the 8th Ave, taste the famous mac with roast beef or/and cheese at the Arnold’s Country Kitchen.

The city is known for its numerous music events. When in Nashville, visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, walk in Cheekwood Botanical Garden, and drop in Johnny Cash Museum. Are you looking for overwhelming romance? Go out on the water during cheap evening river cruise.

Las Vegas (Nevada)

Traditional destination of gamblers and those who love to party hard, Las Vegas is always in demand. Well, yes, this is a casino paradise. Those who have never been to this gambling center do not expect that it can offer that much apart from casinos and never-ending party time. It is true. If you want to test your fortune in luxurious surrounding, there is no place better than this city. On the other hand, one of top cities to visit in the USA, Las Vegas has many other offers. Do you like tanning and savoring delicious treats? Take time to enjoy long walks on the beach, lying on a lawn chair, and tasting fresh seafood in some restaurant in the evening. Music fans will savor music festivals. You can’t leave Las Vegas without having visited the wax museum, Aria Hotel, and the Stratosphere. Do you feel lack of romance? Try out gondola ride in the Venetian.

Choose a place to your taste, and have a great time this summer!

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2 thoughts on “The best places to visit in the USA in summer 2018”

  1. I would visit Daytona Beach (Florida). I also heard there is a War Bird airshow every year in March in Titusville, a small town near Orlando. I would like to see that. I think that traveling by car is the most comfortable way of traveling in summer.

  2. California is the best choice for summer holidays. I feel so tranquil every time I there. What I like the most about Cali is its atmosphere, each city is special.

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