The Best of Bali and How the Make the Most out of your Trip

There are only a few locations in the world on everyone’s list of places to see. Bali is one of those places, and for a good reason! From the splendid beaches and exciting nightlife to the magnificent volcanoes, and glorious temples, Bali has something for everyone. I’ve highlighted the best of the best Bali has to offer.

Getting Around

There is so much to do in Bali that traveling from place to place is an absolute must and an exciting adventure in itself. Renting a car, such as those available at Sewa Mobil Bali, is the best option as it allows visitors to travel in larger groups, easily carry their luggage and, most importantly, stop wherever they like to do whatever interests them.


Bali is known as the “Island of 1000 Temples” for a good reason. Bali is home to some of the most picturesque temples in the world. From the most photographed temple in Bali, Pura Ulun Danu, to the most visited, Uluwatu Temple, it is impossible to see all 20,000 temples but, with some planning, you can see quite a few.


There are many places to see and activities to enjoy while in Bali. The most delightful of all these is experiencing Balinese culture first hand. From Kecak dances, shopping at Pasar Badung, or bathing in the sacred waters of Tirta Empul, Bali offers endless possibilities for engaging with the amazing culture of the Balinese.


There are volcanoes and mountains in the interior and along the coast and a trip to Bali would be incomplete without visiting at least one. From the world-famous Gunung Prapat Ayung to Mount Batur, Bali’s mountains all offer unparalleled views and experiences everyone going to Bali should see and do.


The beaches are what draws most visitors to Bali, and rightly so. From the surf-friendly and the ever-popular Kuta beach, the less crowded but equally gorgeous Candidasa area, to the famous Padang Padang beach, Bali has much to offer. The palms, the breeze, pure water, and magical sunsets make Balinese beaches the best in the world.


Bali hosts tens of thousands of visitors from around the world every day. The staggering variety of tourists meeting with local Balinese culture has created a vibrant, eclectic nightlife. Visiting Seminyak is a must, Kuta Beach at night offers endless opportunities for entertainment, and Denpasar provides local arts and foods every visitor should see and taste.


Traveling to Bali is often looked upon on as a trip of pure relaxation. Once famously asked of a local what heaven is like, he replied, “Bali.” Rounding out any trip to Bali should include a trip to a spa. Spas are found all over Bali and offer a variety of methods to induce relaxation. From the volcanic rock reflexology of Spa on the Rock to the mystical spa at Tjampuhan, any traveler can choose the type of treatment they most desire.

Bali offers such a variety of exciting activities to do and amazing places to see that it is impossible to list them all in one short list. But these are the unique experiences Bali has to offer and should be enjoyed by every visitor to that magical and beautiful island jewel.

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