Living in the Mountains in North Carolina

From the beautiful sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains to the cliffs of Grandfather Mountain, and then the spectacular view atop Clingmans Dome and Waterrock Knob — the North Carolina mountains are absolutely spectacular.

The air is fresh, the grass is green, and the routes are scenic. It’s a great place for adventurists and nature lovers. But what does it really mean to live in the mountains? What should you expect if you’re considering moving to the mountains? 

First of all, living in the mountains is very different from living in the city. It has several benefits, but it can also be tough. So before looking for that “mountain land for sale” sign, there are some aspects of mountain life that you should know about. You may find it’s just the life for you.

The mountain life is breathtaking

The scenic routes, the amazing landscapes, and the beauty of nature all work together to deliver an experience that will literally leave you breathless if you are not physically fit. The mountain life involves hiking, climbing, chopping, and a fair amount of physical activity.

Oxygen levels at the elevated heights of mountains are thinner than those on the plain. Combined with some challenging physical conditions (like flash rains and extremely cold nights), the mountain life requires endurance. Preparations for your move to the mountains should involve a lot of jogging, exercise, and resistance training.

But one of the most appealing aspects of mountain life is the beauty of nature and your uninterrupted access to it; nature as it should be seen. Living in the middle of nature and wildlife has therapeutic effects like fresher air, cleaner water, and even healthier food.

You wake up to the chirping of birds and the smell of wild flowers, and the night sky is absolutely gorgeous. These are things that city folks only see in movies.

Privacy is unprecedented

If privacy is your thing, then you will love the mountain life. In many cases, your closest neighbors are a couple of acres away, and they are not typically nosy people. This is a level of privacy that the city life does not offer.

All that space without the hustle and bustle of people, combined with several acres between you and your nearest neighbor could make you feel a bit lonely if you live alone — unless being alone is your thing. If it’s not, you can take advantage of the spread out community or fill up your time with plenty of physical activity.

That said, the mountain community is usually a tightly-knit one. People often know each other and meet for potlucks and other social gatherings. Yes, you will have to mingle and be nice. But there are not usually an overwhelming number of people, so you should be just fine.

You’ll have to fend for yourself

A great deal of the mountain life involves fending for yourself. Houses on the mountain may not have a sophisticated plumbing system like city homes, or a nearby fast food joint for quick meals. You will have to plan your meals and take care of your home.

Also, you should keep in mind that you are in the wild. You need to have survival instincts and handy tools like a penlight for the dark, an axe for chopping wood, containers for storing water, and other essential survival gear, just in case you decide to go camping or hunting.

The mountain life is most often desired by people who want a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. So if you are career-focused, then you may have a hard time with the tranquil and easygoing pace of the mountain life. There are not a lot of career opportunities and you may get underpaid for the jobs you do find.

The mountain life is one that can be quite tough. But it’s definitely worth it for those who love being with nature above all else.

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