The 7 best treadmills for home (2020)

If you are here it is because you are aware of the importance of exercise for your health, both current and future.

You also probably know that in addition to moving around a lot and doing some cardio, it’s important that you train with strength exercises.

With that said, today we are going to discuss one of the best selling fitness gadgets for home : the treadmill. Why is it so popular? Because it allows you to have the mobility that your body needs without leaving the house and, in addition, it enables intense training when the weather abroad is not adequate.

If you are also thinking about buying one then don’t forget to use Amazon coupon codes to save more on your purchase, you probably have these concerns right now :

    • That the treadmill you choose is of the highest quality and does not give problems in a few days.
    • How to know what things to look for to choose the best treadmill for the use you are going to give it.
    • That you have the latest technology to take advantage of the power of Apps so fashionable.
    • That its design is integrated as one more element in your house.

In this article we analyze which are the 7 best treadmills this year and you will learn the tricks to select yours . Prepared? Well let’s do it.

4 things to consider before choosing the best treadmill

Size and density of the running area . It is the place where you step every time you walk or run. If you are a tall person, you want it to be as large as possible so that it contains your stride when running. In addition, it is important that you have a cushioning system, so that your joints do not suffer.

Speed ​​and slope. Depending on the intensity at which you are going to train, you want it to reach more or less speed. Some tapes go up to 20 km / h, although the normal speed is about 15 km / h. It is also important to increase the difficulty of the training so that you can vary the slope. Some allow it electronically and others manually.

Maximum weight. The tapes have a maximum weight that they support. Most of them reach 120 Kg. It may seem like a lot to you, but sometimes it is good for them to support that weight or more if we want to complicate the training with load. If your weight is close to 100 Kg, I recommend that you choose one that supports at least 110 Kg.

Integration with Apps. It is becoming increasingly clear that Apps help improve performance by monitoring your progress. If you have the option to measure your workouts, it is very likely that you will improve and force yourself to train. In addition, many current Apps allow you to compete in real time with other users or run while watching the recording of a popular race, elements that serve to motivate you more.

Review of the best treadmills

After analyzing all the models and comparing information from all kinds of users, these are the 7 best treadmills I have found.

1. Sportstech F10

 If you are not a tall or heavy person, you want a treadmill or jogging at moderate intensity and you like technology, the Sportstech F10 interests you.

This model is designed for people who want to do maintenance workouts, at moderate or low intensities. However, it is capable of daily use.

It has a front panel with an LCD screen that shows the time, distance, speed, calories and heart rate. It also includes a tablet holder and 2 bottle holders.

The best
    • Kinomap technology to simulate real racing.
    • Silent, ideal to run at any time without disturbing.
    • Multi-layered running surface to protect joints.
    • Not suitable for intense daily use.
    • Not recommended for tall and heavy people.
2. DeskFit DFT200

The DeskFit DFT200 is for you if you are looking for a stylish treadmill for walking or running at very low speed, that you can easily store, for low intensity use or to walk while working.

Its running surface is not very large, so it is designed for people with small strides. It is one of the most compact on the market, 17 cm wide when folded. You can store it under the sofa, bed or even leaning against the wall, with a bracket that includes.

It does not have an LCD screen, but you can connect a tablet with a specific App to see distance, calories, speed and other data in real time. You can place the tablet on a plastic support that includes the machine.

The best
    • Perfect if you have little space and want to save the tape when finished using it.
    • Modern and elegant design.
    • Advisable to walk while you work.
    • Somewhat high price for the benefits it has.
    • Not recommended for running at high speeds.
3. Fit-Force

The Fit Force is for you if you want an inexpensive treadmill for daily use at a maintenance-free rate without high pretenses.

It’s a foldable treadmill, although don’t expect miracles. Its folding position is not too compact, it can be used to leave it in a corner so that it does not disturb but not under a bed or in a closet (unless it is very large).

Its LCD screen is made of rather basic materials and measures: calories, running time, distance traveled, heart rate and running speed. Pulsations are measured by sensors on the grip horns.

The best
    • Affordable price.
    • Simple assembly.
    • Powerful and silent.
    • Console is somewhat low for tall people.
    • Speakers may sound louder.
    • Some vibration sensation when running at high speeds.


Selena is a blogger and a guest contributor for a well-known brand that includes MESHEBLE & The Ordinary. In her leisure time, she plays tennis.

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