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3 thoughts on “That’s Entertainment – Cruise Live-Blog”

  1. Thanks for posting the entertainment video. It was fun to see Kaleb the dancer (Dancing with the Stars) and that Romano was still on-board. I am SO ready to go again!
    You may find on the last day that it feels like an unceremonious “booting off” the ship after how you have been treated like royalty all week. Hard to believe someone else is going to be in YOUR room just hours after you leave, and it all begins again for the crew.

    We found it easiest to just take our own luggage and get off when we wanted (rather than have to set it in the hall the night before, and then have to depart at a particular time the last morning)

    I know I was hoping someone would make me multi-course meals and turn down my bed and of course, make me a towel animal each night once I got home…. but alas. It didn’t happen.

    Very fun to read about your experiences!

  2. Oh, man, you have me looking forward to kicking my kids out of the nest! We just missed the boomer generation by a year, so we have another five years before our youngest will start college. But our oldest will be a senior in high school next year. I already told her as soon as her last suitcase crosses the threshold to the garage – to move to her dorm – her room’s being transformed to a library. And she thinks I’m kidding?!

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