Ten Reasons To Start A Digital Design Career

If you love design and you have ever wanted to be an artist, you will know what it’s like to daydream about switching into it as a career. You can be great at art, but to be a good designer you need to be familiar with technology. You need to know how to create digital artwork that you can then sell on, or market as a career and build a business from it. A career in digital design could be for you if you are looking to make a change and you believe that your strengths lie in artwork.

When you combine savvy graphic design skills with your vision and imagination, you can create 2D and 3D images and graphics, advertising campaigns and websites – to name a few. All of these are just short ideas of what you can do as a digital designer but we are now living in a world that requires more digital designers than ever before. With technology evolving so fast, businesses all over the world need to have online designers to build websites and graphics on computer, tablet and mobile platforms.

You don’t even need to go out and work a business with someone – you can do it from home. You can look up what is a business address service? To know that you can still do that and maintain professionalism, but why should you go ahead and start a new career in digital design? You might be in a completely different industry and just have an interest in it all so far, and if that’s the case, it might be time to embrace your passions and turn to a career in digital design. With this in mind, here are ten reasons to go for it and start your new career.

1. You’ve got skills. As a designer you’ll have a huge range of skills that you can show off and you can use your talents in a range of creative ways. You will be able to keep your brain engaged and use new software, which is always fun for a newbie in the industry! You’ll be combining skills in photography, animation, graphic design and videography to make other people’s concepts a reality.

2. You have a huge scope for work. You’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of skills and these can then allow you to work in different ways. You can become a web designer, a photo editor, a digital developer – you could even develop and create games! The fact that there are far more career options in digital design than you expected is a good thing and it proves that you will have longevity in the career you will choose. You are never just limited, and that means that you can enter the digital design industry at any level that works for you.

 3. You’ll make new friends. You don’t have to go it alone when you are starting out on your digital design career – not even close! You can join some of the most sociable offices around when you join a design office and you’ll meet like minded individuals who are equally interested in technology, design and innovation as you are. This will all help you to create a new social circle that will give you what you need socially and make you happy!

 4. You can choose to work for yourself. Some in the digital design industry choose to work for a company but then there are those who will pick working for themselves. Digital designers have the freedom to freelance, and they can sell their skills as individuals and create something beautiful for their clients. Almost every single company out there requires a designer in some way or another, and that means that as a freelancer, you’ll never be short of work. You’ll be able to keep a range of freedoms when you are working alone, and you can choose your clients and ensure that you are working in a way that gets your name out there. You’ll be able to get people talking about you all because you have shared your skills with others.

 5. There’s a chance to shine. There might be a lot of designers, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to be short of opportunities and choices in your chosen career. You will likely start out in a junior role, but it’s something you can grow up into and become senior at. You have the chance to really climb in the design industry and you can even angle for leadership and management positions at some stage.

 6. You get to mix your creativity with technology. When you blend together your creativity and imagination with the technological tools we now have available today, you can create a business within this industry that allows you to show off to clients. From concept to creation, you can bring their vision to life and show them that you have the skills to make it happen. You can feed your imagination while keeping your mind sharp and adding even more skills to the bow you have.

 7. You can turn concepts into actual ideas. Whether you want to create a computer game from your head to the computer, turn logos in your mind into 3D imagery or you want to create a cartoon and you can see it ahead you can do so much with a concept and turn it into an actual idea for a change. It’s a good way to make money and you can make an entirely new career from it!

 8. You’ll always have job security. Digital designers are in an industry that is constantly developing. As a career, you’re going to be able to grow into it over the years, and you can expand your role as you grow, with positivity and growth predicted. You will always have work as long as there are those crying out for designers – and they always will! Job security is sought after in every industry and if you can create a role for yourself that allows you to be within a role for years to come, you’ll be able to find peace in it.

 9. You have a chance to collaborate. With the hundreds and thousands of other designers out there in the world, you can bet that there are others that you can collaborate with. You can work within a team environment and create some beautiful things for others. A big part of what you can do as a digital designer is to work with others on ideas, concepts and more. You can create, debate and share with clients so that you can make a name for yourself with others.

10. Because you just want a change. Some people choose to start a role as a digital designer and work in a new industry because they simply want to do something new. This new thing is going to help them to evolve and develop, and this is going to be the best thing that you do for yourself. Having a change is important in life and if you choose to change your career, you’re going to find that you might discover a new purpose in life.

Changing careers and moving into a digital design avenue is exciting! There’s nothing like discovering a new purpose and sense of enjoyment in life and if you enjoy digital concepts and a new vision, there is now a need for a change. You should think about why you want to start a career and make your next move right now.

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