Stuff To Look Out For When Applying For AVE Canada

The AVE Canada is a type of travel document that you need if you want to enter the country for whatever purpose. This acronym stands for “Autorisation de voyage électronique”, which is French for Electronic Travel Authorization (more commonly known as the ETA Canada). When you are striving to get one, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Make sure you have all the necessary information

When you are applying for an AVE/ ETA, you need to do so in English (even if you are perfectly competent in French). You will need to state your name, date of birth, and the information about your passport (typically, your passport number).

There will also be questions meant to check whether or not you are eligible to travel: if you have any communicable diseases, and whether you have a criminal record involving certain kinds of offences, if you were arrested or convicted for anything, or if you have any history of deportation or your visa getting revoked in the past.

Finally, you will need to provide some of your credit card data, because the applicationfor an AVE does entail paying some predetermined fees. This expense will never exceed the sum of $7 Canadian (seven Canadian dollars), which is set by the government. If you are being asked to pay more, you are not applying via official channels and you may be in danger of a scam. Check out this link for some advice if you suspect that this may be your case.

Make sure to respect the deadlines for application

When you are planning a trip to Canada, you can submit your application forms for an AVE at literally any point before you set off. The general rule of thumb is – the sooner you do it, the better. Of course, you cannot always plan everything in advance and have it unfold the way you want to, and sometimes you will have to make a last minute demand for some emergency travel situation.

Do not worry, these are okay as well, and you will be covered, because an ETA request does not require that you have a specific travel plan in Canada. However, at the very least and if at all possible, you should at least provide the addresses of your destinations and your planned routes.

Be aware of the period of validity and re-application

To put it in more simple, everyday terms, your travel approval documentation has an expiry date stuck on it. In general, this will be five years, in the context of travel authorizations meant for Canada. If your passport should happento expire before those five years have passed, then your ETA automatically expires along with the passport and you will have to renew both.See this link for some advice on how to renew your passport:

There are five officially listed reasons for which you would need to re-apply for a new travel authorization through the ETA system. These are as follows: if your passport has expired and you got a new one, if you have changed your name, your nationality, or your sex/ gender, or if the circumstances that dictated your answers to the “yes or no” questions in your previous application have happened to change in the meantime.

However, while the validity period is still ongoing, you are completely free to come by repeatedly and visit Canada as many times as you like without putting in a new request.

Be aware that an ATE/ AVE does not guarantee you entry

Yes, we know, it seems counterintuitive. You were so careful to get all your papers right, and you got that authorized paper or emailed document, you planned your trip and survived horrible smelly feet in the airplane, only to be turned away a the border. Horrible image, right?

Unfortunately, a travel authorization will not necessarily guarantee you entry into Canada proper. It can only allow you to board a plane or get on a cruise ship without having a visa for Canada. Whether you will be considered eligible to actually enter the country is a decision made by the borderpost immigration agents.

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