Staying Safe Abroad: The ultimate first-time traveler’s guide

Packing unnecessary items, not approaching locals, not creating a travel itinerary, relying too much on the travel agent, not researching the final destination, underestimating the costs, not informing the bank about the trip or vacation and not enjoying every single moment represent repeated mistakes that most first-time travelers make. Of course, taking into account that exploring a new country can be quite exciting and daunting at the same time, it is understandable why some people get lost in all the details and forget or overlook the obvious. Although these small errors usually come to a successful conclusion, not taking the necessary safety measures can result in experiencing serious injuries, getting lost or even death. Therefore, a bigger mistake than underestimating distances and not choosing the right travel partner refers to not preparing for the worst when going overseas. Yes, everyone thinks happy thoughts when exploring natural gems across the globe, engaging in thrilling activities, meeting new people and tasting delicious local foods, but the truth is that life surprises you when you least expect it.

Blend in with the crowd

Consequently, as a first-time or solo traveler, you have to put safety at the forefront because you are more vulnerable thus becoming a safe target for thieves, criminals, and unexpected accidents. However, traveling alone does not have to be dangerous. In fact, you can take advantage of this and play it smart. For instance, you can blend in with the crowd more easily when you are not part of a group because you do not draw the attention of locals as much. If you do not want to stand out as a tourist, try to be discreet when asking for directions because some people in various countries have made a habit of lying on the lurch and chasing outsiders with a single purpose in mind, namely to steal all their possessions, particularly money. This does not mean that thieves are hiding in the bushes in hopes that a tourist will appear on the horizon; even a taxi driver can be a scam artist. This is why you have to know beforehand the amount of money necessary for getting to the hotel or the city center from the airport. You can also require an estimated fare.

Ask for directions

It goes without saying that you should avoid flashy outfits and expensive jewelry. However, what you need to keep in mind at all times is that you are your only support and counsel during such adventures. Thus, even though you decided to explore a new country without a travel buddy, nobody else needs to know it. More exactly, when you want to know how to reach a certain location or a tourist attraction and you approach one or more locals, make sure that you give the impression that someone else, a friend, family member or partner is waiting for you there. Locals probably represent the best map ever, but this does not mean that you should not make use of mobile apps in order to get an idea of the distance and time needed to get there. Another trick that can help you when going overseas is creating a clear itinerary and leaving a copy at home to your relatives or friends. Moreover, speaking of modern devices, you should transform your cell phone into a communication bridge between you and loved ones so that you inform them of your whereabouts.

Create an emergency plan

The main idea is that you can trust others, but not entirely. For instance, it is more than normal to ask for directions when arriving in a new country as long as you verify the information received. However, under no circumstances, you should ask a stranger to hold your belongings, even if just for a second. You can engage in conversations with other people in order to gain a different perspective on the world, but you have to keep your guard up during the entire time. When you leave the hotel to explore offbeat places, make sure that you keep the address in your phone or on a piece of paper in case you get lost. In fact, you can create a detailed emergency plan in advance so that you have something to follow when the situation takes a bad turn. In such moments, the majority of people get scared or panic and you probably do not represent an exception. For this reason, since it is almost impossible to think straight, you have to record emergency information and use it.

Get travel insurance

If the purpose of your trip or vacation is to discover and explore new places with breathtaking natural scenery, then you probably intend to climb a mountain and take a walk in the woods. Well, you have to be aware that such adventures sometimes result in unfortunate events like serious injuries. This is why certain people consider getting a travel insurance when going abroad. However, since life is so ironic, you can suffer an injury when you least expect it, such as when waiting in traffic or killing time at the hotel. In this case, do you know what are no win no fee solicitors? If not, then you should become familiar with them because they can help you if you suffer a personal injury due to other people’s negligence or distraction. Shortly, whether we are talking about travel insurance or no win no fee solicitors, you have to do your homework before leaving home. Of course, the most important thing is to be careful when choosing ground transportation.

Stay alert at night

Vacation or trips are all about having fun so if you want to go out and enjoy the nightlife in a foreign city, feel free to do it, but avoid drinking excessively because you do not have anyone with you to provide you with support so others might take advantage of your condition and rob you. Of course, this is the best scenario: you only wake up with a few bucks missing from your wallet or pockets, but the situation can deteriorate into a fight, abuse or something similar. Taking into account all the hazards that could occur when traveling alone, you should keep the hotel address with you at all times, know how to recognize and avoid scam artists, blend in with the crowd, ask for directions, get travel insurance and stay sober when going out at night.

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