Looking for Property in Thailand? Try a Condo

The southeast Asian country of Thailand is a place of unparalleled beauty. From the wild jungles to the crystalline beaches and islands dotted with hidden coves, to the breathtaking mountains and rock formations, one need only step outside to see some of Mother Nature’s best work on display. Situated on the Gulf of Thailand between the Bay of Bengal and the South China Sea, there is no shortage of tropical coastline. But Thailand has much more to offer than just natural beauty.

Master builders, the people of Thailand have constructed countless temples over the centuries; and they built them to last. Many ancient temples and cities, like Wat Phra Si Sanphet, still stand today and offer an amazing view into the world of the past. Resplendent modern temples showcase the trademark Thai architecture, and are also a must-see for all who visit. With all this (and not to mention, amazing food), it is easy to see why Thailand quickly becoming such a popular tourist destination.

With just one visit to Thailand, it can be easy to find yourself daydreaming about living in such a paradise year-round. As more and more people become aware of the wonders that Thailand has to offer, an increasing number of daydreams become reality. The real estate market in Thailand is booming, and now is the time to buy. Condos are becoming especially popular, and if you’re looking to buy, you should start with the beautiful condos in Hua Hin. These luxury condos are located on the Malay Peninsula in the bustling beach resort town of Hua Hin, which is also the seat of the local government. Competitively priced and located on prime real estate, these condos start at $49,975 USD, so there is one for every price range. Below is a breakdown of some of the most highly rated properties and a description of their amenities.

One Bedrooms

 Seacraze Apartments

Located downtown and less than 200 meters from the beach, the Seacraze condominium complex feature great views of the ocean, a gym, and one of the largest pools in Hua Hin. The condos come fully furnished and start at $66,633 USD.

 Flametree Condominiums

Located at the city’s center, the Flametree condo complex is within walking distance of many restaurants and markets; it also offers great views of the surrounding mountains. Starting at $75,719 USD, these condos come fully furnished and feature granite kitchen countertops.

 Two Bedrooms

     The Breeze Condominiums

Just a hundred meters from the beach, these condos also have commanding views of the mountains and great access to local markets and shops. The complex has three pools, a gym, and a playroom for kids. Condos come fully furnished and decorated and start at $151,439 USD.

Santipura Condominiums

Located on Khao Tao beach and in view of the mountains, these condos are five minutes away from the center of Pranburi and twenty minutes away from Hua Hin. Although a short distance from local shops, this complex is quiet and peaceful. It has a large pool and gardens; the condos come fully furnished and start at $212,015 USD.

Three Bedrooms

      Cha Am Sea View Condominiums

A rare find, these large condos are located close to local shops and are directly on the beach. They offer panoramic views of the ocean and mountains. The complex has both a pool and jacuzzi, and the condos come fully furnished with high-end furniture. They start at $363,454 USD.

Mykonos Apartments

Located on the 5-star Mykonos Hotel and Resort complex, these condos are the height of luxury. The complex has a pool and offers beautiful views of the mountains and unparalleled access to local shops. The condos come fully furnished, and the kitchen features modern appliances and granite countertops. These condos are especially great for families, as there are local schools nearby. Priced to sell at $ 378,598 USD, these condos will go quickly.

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