Spooky New Orleans

New Orleans is filled legends and lore. Even the architecture reveals romance and mystery. One of the city’s most storied citizens was Marie Laveau, New Orleans’ famous Voodoo Queen. Her house is now a shop where strange and mysterious items lurk. Madam Laveau’s grave is frequently visited by true believers asking for intervention in their lives. For more: https://www.gypsynester.com/no.htm

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4 thoughts on “Spooky New Orleans”

  1. Sadly (because I love scary places) both of my visits have been to Hollywood spooky houses. The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park CO – film location of the original Shining movie. Big disappointment – there is no maze there, it’s in England.

    And the movie set house at Universal Studios of the house from Psycho.

    Planning to head to New Orleans this winter and I will definitely take as many haunted and voodoo tours as I can.

    1. We found the New Orleans tours as interesting for their historic info as much as any spooky stuff. But we love The Big Easy for so many reasons… not the least of which is the food. Have fun.

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