Some Side Effects of Marijuana you should be Considering before Smoking it-

We all understand the repercussions of smoking marijuana. We have been warned by our family and there is at least one member in your friend group who chooses to remain sane while the others choose to get high.

Smoking Marijuana? It’s okay.

Now don’t get me wrong. Smoking marijuana is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Some people use it as an escape strategy, to disconnect from the current world and slip into an intoxicating environment, where they can get lost in their thoughts. However, when this venture gets too frequent, it becomes necessary to take a break from it. This is because there are several underlying side effects associated with this and you must fully equip yourself with this knowledge before you set out to venture on your marijuana journey.

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How the ‘high’ is caused

There are active ingredients in marijuana that causes you to feel the way that you do. The dominant ingredient being THC, which causes you to feel the level of ‘high’ that you usually expect to experience when you smoke up. Marijuana is usually smoked with a rolling paper, through a bong, in cigars and some people even put it in brownies to create an extra high.

Side Effects of Smoking Marijuana

You might have frequently come across the saying that marijuana is considered harmful for your brain functioning, they are correct. Marijuana has short-term effects on your brain as well as long-term effects.

    • Short-term Effects of Smoking Marijuana

When you smoke marijuana, the active ingredient THC gets into your bloodstream and is transmitted to your organs. This includes the brain. Now, there is not one, but several receptors in your brain which is sensitive to THC. Once this active chemical touches these receptors, you start feeling ‘high.’ Other short term effects include impaired body movement, altered senses, altered sense of time, feeling deranged, low ability of the brain to process information and reply, and instances of psychosis.

    • Long Term Effects of Smoking Marijuana

In terms of long term effects, marijuana is said to hinder brain development. This is because the active ingredient that is present in marijuana, which is THC is said to strike and hamper certain receptors in the brain which are responsible for brain development. A study conducted in New Zealand showed that individuals who started smoking during their teen years showed stunted cerebral growth and stunted vocabulary. Even after getting over the habit in their adult years, their cerebral growth never resumed.

    • Physical Effects

Other effects of smoking marijuana regularly are attributed to physical ailments and mental illness. Vomiting is a common effect of an overdose of marijuana. This usually happens to smokers who have it blunt(without mixing tobacco). Another common physical ailment recorded from smoking marijuana is a frequent breathing problem. This can also be attributed to smokers. The constant strong smoke inhaled causes blatant breathing ailments. Another common physical effect is increased palpitation of the heart. It is a proven fact that within half an hour of inhaling marijuana smoke, the individual’s heart rate is said to increase. This does not stop at one point. It continues, until the anxiety clouds every other emotion and might instantly lead to a heart attack.

    • Mental Disorders

Anxiety, psychic disorders, etc., are some other effects of smoking marijuana. However, that will make you change your mind about making marijuana. Your habit is discolouration of your skin, lip darkening, and hair loss. However, if you want to check out some tricks and tips to maintain hair growth and volume for men’s hair, give it a read. These articles will provide you with scientifically-backed information to help you deal with your hair problems.

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