Smart Tips for Travelling with CBD

Recently, CBD oils have become extremely popular. It is used in lotions, bath bombs and even with coffee. Cannabidiol or CBD, derived from industrial hemp, is recognized for its therapeutic benefits worldwide. Cannabis contains numerous chemical compounds but two components that have been researched widely are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). While THC is a psychoactive compound with an intoxicating effect, CBD does not have the same effect.

Many countries now consider CBD products legal but people are often worried about travel restrictions associated with these products. The rules for domestic and international travel are different.

In the US, CBD oil made from hemp is considered legal at the federal level, as per the changes made to the Farm Bill of 2018. As a result, it can be carried on flights and across the state borders. However, CBD oils derived from marijuana are considered illegal and are prevented from carrying across borders of some states.

Domestic Travel Tips

If you are planning to travel within the United States, you should not worry about carrying CBD oils derived from hemp. It is legal and therefore, there’s nothing to be worried about. But, if you are still confused between the different types of CBD oils available in the market, learn to read product labels. You need to identify the THC content of each product.

Hemp-derived CBD contains less than 0.3 percent of THC and it is totally permissible. Anything above this limit may be a warning sign. To allay concerns, visit the official website of the Transportation Security Administration. They provide a detailed guide about the amount of CBD oil that can be carried across America and the kind of restrictions that have been imposed locally.

Before traveling, it is recommended to thoroughly check local laws in the state you are traveling to and where you are traveling from. If possible, carry a lab report verifying the cannabinoid content of the product. Inquiring authority at the airport or state borders may sometimes ask for these documents. And if you use it for medical reasons, remember to carry a prescription.

International Travel Tips

While CBD is legal in some countries, it is not welcome in others. Before traveling to a country of your choice, check the rules and regulations prevalent in your destination country. It is always better to be cautious and if you do not use CBD for medical reasons, it may be a good idea to leave it behind.

Many countries also abide by stringent drug laws and carrying CBD may be considered a serious offense. To save yourself the trouble of facing law-enforcement agencies in unknown territory, remain vigilant and take an informed decision. Do not try to hide CBD products and if required, ask your airline directly about the rules.

Reasons for Popularity of CBD

Wondering why CBD has become a rage in the health and wellness sector nowadays? There are plenty of reasons. It has proven to be quite effective for the treatment of various medical conditions. It is used to treat cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, inflammation, chronic pain, diabetes, cancer and epilepsy. People suffering from insomnia, depression, stress and anxiety have also benefited from CBD. It is also known to alleviate a number of women’s health issues.

CBD is known to trigger a wide array of physiological responses due to its ability to stimulate our body’s own cannabinoids – endocannabinoids. These remain hidden inside our cells and once you consume CBD, it elicits a unique response that affects our energy levels, mood, metabolism and immunity. Due to its beneficial properties, research on CBD continues and it is now available in the form of oils, tinctures, edible items, topical products and capsules.

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