Casinos in the UK vs the US – What are the Differences?

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The UK and the US are two of the most lively countries when it comes to the gambling industry. Many Brits who go on vacation to the US choose UK online casinos not on GamStop ban. They might expect the same kind of casino experience as back home. However, there are significant differences between the two countries’ casino rules and etiquette. For example, Americans prefer a less strict dress code at many casinos.

Let’s take a look at some of the notable differences between the casinos in the UK versus the US.

The casino laws vary in the two countries

The laws are the biggest difference that can be seen in the casino industry in the UK and US. In the US, the legal age to enter a casino is 21 whereas, in the UK, the legal age requirement is 18. This two year age gap sure does make a huge difference on the casino floor. UK citizens should also be aware that the US has various state and federal laws which mean that laws can differ between states. This is important to know as you might find yourself in trouble if you’re not familiar with the law of the state that you’re gambling in.

In the UK, the same laws apply across the country and it is controlled by the Gambling Act (2005). However, it is worth noting that the UK is made up of four independent countries, including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Island. Each country can decide to enforce its own rules and regulations, For example, in Northern Island casinos are completely banned. If the country decided to change its rules regarding the casino ban, the Gambling Act would still cover the casinos.

The law on taxes

In the UK, any money that the player wins is considered to be tax-free which means that they get to walk away with the total sum of their winnings. In the US, the tax laws differ significantly, as players have to report all winnings to the taxman. However, under the US Tax Treaty rule, UK citizens are not required to pay tax on their winnings.

The casino games vary too

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Experienced casino players will be fully aware of the small differences in the casino games found in the two countries. For example, when it comes to the classic table game such as roulette, there’s a European and American variant. The concept of the game’s variations are the same, the only significant difference is that the European Roulette version has one zero pocket, while American Roulette has two zeros. Of course, this means that the house edge for American Roulette is slightly higher than the European version.

Take note of the opening hours

In the US, the majority of casinos are open 24 hours, while in the UK, there are far fewer establishments that are available 24/7. You won’t find any clocks in American casinos, you can guess why, as it means that players can forget how long they’ve been on the casino floor. With many UK casinos having a set opening and closing time, you’ll most likely find a clock somewhere on the casino floor.

American casinos are quite huge in comparison to the UK

When it comes to the physical size of casinos, the US is known for its flamboyant and grandiose casinos. In the UK, the venues are much smaller and are rather cosy whereas, in America, casinos can be as big as 9,300 square metres.

Dress code is important

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One of the notable differences you’ll instantly see is the dress code. UK casinos generally have a ‘smart casual’ dress code which entails men wearing trousers, smart shoes, and a shirt. For women, the dress code includes opting for a dress or something that is considered smartwear. The US doesn’t really have much of a dress code as you’ll see many ordinary people spinning the reels in a pair of khakis and a t-shirt. However, some high rollers will dress more smartly in suits and gowns. Of course, the dress code will change from casino to casino.

Who has more variety when it comes to online games?

The game selection differs too as the UK provides more options for players. Software providers in the US have gone down significantly which means that the variety of games is noticeably less compared to the UK. The UK gambling industry is miles ahead as there are top casino games for players to enjoy from the likes of NextGen, Play ‘n Go, and Microgaming.

Play your favourite casino games

There you have it! The UK and US have some significant differences concerning their respective casino markets. Every casino player should be aware of each country and state’s laws to avoid getting into any trouble concerning taxes and the legal age requirement. Whether you’re playing poker, bingo or slots, each country has something special to offer!

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