Should You Gamble Online Whilst Abroad?

While the main reason for many people to travel overseas is to visit famous landmarks and other tourist destinations, some may visit abroad to gamble in casinos. In fact, such a thing is called casino tourism where people visit a certain city or country just to be able to play games.

Let’s take Australia, for example. Australia recently announced what’s the top 3 tourist drivers in their country – and guess what, it wasn’t the Opera House, Sydney harbor bridge, or the iconic Huru that are mostly visited by tourists but the Crown Casino Melbourne, the Star in Sydney, and Jupiters Casino Queensland.

These casinos help produce millions of tourists every year compared to their significant landmarks.

Okay, it’s a given fact that going to casinos while abroad can be a great experience, but the real question is:

Should you gamble online while abroad?

Before answering that million-dollar question, you may want to consider the risks that come with gambling online whilst abroad.

Here are common risks you’ll expect in overseas gambling:

    • You may not be able to access your winning
    • Your winnings or credits may disappear the moment operators shut down or move
    • Some operators may withdraw additional funds from your bank accounts without your approval.
    • Lack of an operating license
    • Untrue bonuses/promotions

But the greatest risk may be scams. In fact, the biggest online gambling scams have actually been rampant in the last decade. Online betting or casinos tend to be less controlled by the government, so it’s easier for online fraud to operate. This is because most states do not, yet, allow online casinos to operate within the US so players –traveling or not– need to access offshore casinos which are under more lax jurisdictions at times. It is then extremely difficult for a US player to dispute and file a chargeback for an offshore casino.

These risks shouldn’t be taken lightly as they may jeopardize your privacy and all your online data. So it’s highly discouraged to go online gambling while you’re in a foreign land in order to protect your funds and your privacy as well.

For instance, the Office of the Responsible Gaming (ORG) of New South Wales has warned the public to avoid overseas gambling sites, including slot machines and casino games.

One of the reasons is probably because overseas gambling websites are prohibited in Australia, so players who use such websites may face more risks compared to when they play with a licensed Australian operator.

Speaking about legalities, that’s another thing you should think about in gambling online. You should make sure that the country you’re playing in doesn’t prohibit online gambling or you’ll find yourself behind bars. Some of the countries that have serious fines to violators include Cambodia, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Poland, North Korea, and others.

While gambling in casinos may already have legality concerns, more so gambling online – especially if you’re not a citizen from the country.

While online gambling isn’t totally prohibited, you may take extra precautions if you’re willing to take the risks that come with it. It’s highly discouraged but you still have the will to do so.

Here are some precautions you should practice before gambling online abroad:


As mentioned earlier, one of the common risks in gambling online abroad is being in trouble with their laws. So you may want to be a bit extra and research the extent of their gambling laws before registering to any online casinos. In that way, you’ll know what to do and what to avoid.

Secure your account

This should be your top priority in protecting your cybersecurity. To reduce the risks, you can leverage Virtual Private Network (VPN) on top of using strong passwords that you should change from time to time.

Access reputable websites

Make sure that you’re using trusted legitimate online gambling sites that have licenses to operate and certifications from the recognized regulating bodies. In that way, you’ll know that the sites you’re accessing adhere to the standards set by the government and other regulating bodies, thereby significantly reducing your risks from all forms of fraudulent activities and ensuring that you’re getting a pay-out of your winnings.

Play responsibly

All these precautions boil down to one significant fact, which is to play responsibly. There’s nothing wrong with gambling as long as you know your limitations and stop the moment you reach them.

For instance, you should have a separate account for online gambling, especially for funding,  so as not to risk your personal information and the rest of your money.

You should also be mindful of yourself and avoid being addicted to the game. Addiction leads to awful decisions that may lead you to losing not just your money but also your other properties – or worse, your family. You should know for a fact that chasing your loss is not a good idea.

Should you gamble online whilst abroad? Well, you’re not forced not to but you’re discouraged. As you may know, the risks of gambling increase when it’s done online – more so if it’s done in foreign lands. The risks are there, though that’s the main idea of gambling, so you should practice mindfulness. In the end, the decision is in your hands.

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