Shackin’ Up in Clarksdale

Clarksdale, Mississippi is home to one of the most unique inns we’ve ever encountered, The Shack Up Inn. This collection of sharecropper shacks on the old Hopson Plantation look like they haven’t been touched in decades, but inside each one is fixed up into a comfortable little cottage.

Shack Up Inn, Clarksdale Mississippi

Guy Malvezzi was great about showing us around and telling us the story. A few years back a couple songwriters started hunkering down in a shack down here to get away from it all and write.

Their idea started catching on and soon Guy bought up a bunch of authentic sharecropper shacks, moved them here, fixed them up and started renting them out. Fast forward a few decades and one of America’s coolest accommodations is going strong. (click here to see our full story on the Mississippi Blues Trail!)

Bedroom at the Shack Up Inn

Bedroom in our first night’s shack.

Kitchen in the Shack Up Inn

And the kitchen!

The "Office" Shack

The “Office” Shack is where we spent our second night.

A Bathroom at the Shack Up Inn

We loved the broken mirror above the sink! (check out The Shack Up Inn Website!)

After our night in a shack we were ready to absorb all of the blues history we could, and Clarksdale has a ton. What better place to start than The Crossroads? A big sign marks the spot of the alleged devil deal but we had our doubts.

(click here to continue along on the Mississippi Blues Trail!)

Bonus Time: The marker for Muddy Waters near Clarksdale Mississippi.

Marker for Muddy Waters, Mississippi Blues Trail

W.C. Handy’s Marker in Clarksdale.

W.C. Handy's Marker in Clarksdale on the Mississippi Blues Trail

(click here to see our full story on the Mississippi Blues Trail!)

David & Veronica,

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16 thoughts on “Shackin’ Up in Clarksdale”

  1. I was lucky enough to marry the son of Guy Malvezzi. I am from NYC, a far cry from knowing anything about Mississippi. We went to visit the Shack Up Inn and I couldn’t believe what a wonderful experience we had. We brought our dog and our son and we fell in love with the man and the Delta. The best experience of a lifetime! Hospitality is overwhelming and it’s just a relaxing place.

  2. Oh my gosh…just when I think I have seen it all. Actually this reminds my of my aunts tarpaper shack in Lime, Oregon circa 1940’s.

    I am linking to this blog. Fun stuff!


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