Segway-ing Through Little Rock

We were pretty fired up at the prospect because ever since seeing people riding Segways in Prague we had wanted to give them a try. So with all of the boxes safely stashed, we took off with Mom & Pop to the sidewalks on these two wheeled marvels.

Our guide for the tour, Nez, began by showing us the ropes in a parking garage. The Segway is designed to sense your shifts in weight and respond by moving forward or back while expertly remaining balanced. It’s amazing, and within minutes we all felt perfectly comfortable commanding our vehicles with just the slightest shifts of our bodies.

Confident in our new Segway skill set, we made our way through downtown to Riverfront Park. Nez filled us in on details via headset as we rolled along through the artwork and historic markers, past the little rock, and back toward The Clinton Center.

Just before reaching the Presidential Library we turned off into the Bill Clark Wetlands. This small preserve has a wooden boardwalk that winds through bringing walkers, cyclists, and – yes – Segway riders in for an up close look at the ecology of the Arkansas River’s edge.

Rolling on through the grounds of the Presidential Center, Nez pointed out the adjacent headquarters of Heifer International. Heifer is an organization that has distributed cattle and other livestock to farmers in over 125 countries in an effort to create a more sustainable solution to hunger.

We made our way back along the trolley route and completed our Segway tour without incident, something that seemed improbable just ninety minutes earlier.

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