San Francisco Bucket List

San Francisco is known for the famous Golden Gate Bridge, the Tonga room, the exciting 16th Avenue Steps and the Dungeness crab. Are you Looking for the best and exciting places in San Francisco? This San Francisco bucket list has the most exciting, fun activities and places that you should try on your visit to San Francisco City.

• The Golden Gate Bridge. Ranked among the most beautiful, exciting and colorful bridge in the whole world, the Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco and the Presidio. Enjoy the city’s best hikes, a lot of fun activities, cocktails, driving over the still and a sunset view. Every Saturday from April through September, the Golden Gate Bridge is vehicle traffic-free where travelers can run, ride, and walk on the bridge freely. The Golden Gate Bridge is filled with history and military landmarks. Rent a bike and ride across the Golden Gate Bridge the tourist activity that is worth to remember.

• California Institution/Academy. This is a renowned and established scientific and educational institution that explores, explains and sustains life on Earth.

The tour to The California Academy of Sciences should never miss on the bucket list of every traveler, especially the INTERNATIONAL TRAVELERS who are willing to travel to the United States, check the ESTA and apply for it by filling in the necessary application forms. Requirements include;

>>The applicant should be a citizen of a Visa Waiver Program country

>>Should not be in possession of a visitor’s visa

>>The travel period has to be for not more than 90 days.

>>The reason for the visit to the United States should be for business or pleasure.

It is encouraged for every International Traveler to apply for an ESTA via submit ESTA prior to departure by presenting; a valid passport, valid credit card or MasterCard, your contact information and your most recent employment information to avoid any inconveniences.

Come and enjoy the California Academy of Sciences, watch the splashing penguins in African Hall, and also enjoy watching the wildflowers growing as seen on the roof.

• Tonga room for delicious dinner and drinks. This restaurant is centered in a large lagoon with a floating live band. Tonga room has everything a traveler needs, from the lively music, the hilarious storms which occur every ten minutes, loudest thunder and rainfall giving you a feeling as though you’re in the tropical storm without worrying about getting wet or drenched.
Enjoy amazing platters, the foods, and drinks; their potent umbrella-clad cocktails are to die for.

• Vista Café. Enjoy the world-famous Irish coffee at the Buena Vista Café, the first place to serve Irish coffee in the US. The coffee is so delicious and relaxing. Take a break at Yerba Buena Gardens. If the weather is nice, take your Super Duper Burger out to the lawn where you can sit down, dine and people-watch.

• The Palace of Fine Arts. Ogle the Architecture, the gorgeous building is another attraction that should never miss on your bucket list; it needs to be seen from all angles and the building stands at the foot of a lagoon.

For the non-US citizens, the International Travelers under the Visa Waiver Program, please, Check ESTA application and verify if the application was accepted, update the unpaid or approved application, submit the payment and fulfill all other obligations before the travel date.

• The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps. The artsy hidden staircase is so colorful and amazing. They display waves of turquoise, birds, butterfly-bolstering Green Hairstreak Corridor and lots of sea creatures.

• The Fisherman’s Wharf. Travelers should never miss the Fisherman’s Wharf, get a chance to watch the famous sea lions hanging out on K-Dock and have a memorable experience by eating clam chowder in a bread bowl,

• Mécanique. Play the most fun antique games, piano games, have fun with the love tester, wrestle with the Arm Wrestler, all these are found in the coin-operated arcade; the Musée Mécanique.

• Chinese culture. Walk down Grant Avenue through Chinatown and enjoy Mai Tai at Li Po Cocktail Lounge. Since the 1860’s San Francisco brings the Asian culture to life with a New Year parade, the biggest celebrated illuminated parades outside of Asia. International travelers can as well enjoy the famous Chinese food, eat a pork bun, and enjoy the delicious coconut bread at the Eastern Bakery in Chinatown on their visit to San Francisco.

In Chinatown, you can head to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory and watch women and men make fortune cookies in a small open kitchen.

• Cable cars. It cannot be a complete bucket list minus a ride on the cable cars. It is a very touristy activity and is also very fun to ride.

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