Run Grunion Run

The old phrase “like a fish out of water” takes on a new meaning on the nights when the grunion run. Thousands of these little swimmers take to the land in a bizarre mating ritual that must be seen to be believed.

I had heard stories, but always thought they were tall tales. A legend local Californians told to the visitors and newcomers about the waves of fish coming ashore in the middle of the night.

It seemed that my dear wife was also in on the conspiracy. I guess as a native Southern Californian she kind of had to be.

So I was truly shocked when I ventured down to the beach around midnight and saw the truth. It really does happen. Not only that, it is happening now.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a handy guide that tells all of the nights when the grunion will be running along the beaches of Southern California through the spring and in to summer.

Check it out and you will see that there are plenty of opportunities to see this phenomenal phenomenon for yourself.

Then you will know that this is not just some fish story.

David & Veronica,

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