Riding with the Engineer on a German Train!

The train station in Lubeck, Germany
The station in Lübeck, Germany.

Riding along the famous Vogelfluglinie, The Bird Flight Line, from Lübeck to Puttgarden in the cockpit of an Inter-City Express train, David the Train Nut had one of the best experience of his lifelong train obsession.

The line got its name from the fact that it is the straightest, shortest route to Copenhagen, Denmark.

David the train nut is ready to go!
David the Train Nut is ready to go!

Leaving Lubeck, Germany with a full travel day ahead of us, one that involved more than just trains, as we had water to cross, so a boat would need to be involved.

The plan was to ride the train onto a ferry, then cross the Baltic Sea into Denmark.

Unfortunately when we boarded, the conductor explained to us that due to construction on the tracks, we would have to take a bus to get on the ferry. Not quite as fun, but hey, we still get a boat ride nonetheless.

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Any residual disappointment we may have had disappeared instantly when the engineer, Thomas, invited us to ride in the cab for a while.

The cab with the engineer in a German train

Nearing the ferry, we excuse ourselves to go back and gather our things, but Thomas stops us. He says we should wait until we cross the first bridge over the Baltic. Who are we to argue with the engineer?

Thomas, the train engineer in Germany!

What a great experience, some of our best training ever! (Gonna keep using training as a verb ’til we see if it catches on.)

The train ferry from Germany to Denmark!
The ferry that normally has the train on it — we took it sans train — click to see more about it!

Wonder how all of this happened?

Our trip from Amsterdam through Scandinavia to the top of the world! GypsyNester.com

Are we crazy? It’s possible we’ve finally gone off the rails.

When Eurail contacted us to see if we’d like to take advantage of a 15-day rail pass, David the Train Nut’s pupils got wide and his answer was a resounding YES!

Veronica was all aboard too, and started dreaming of a wintertime jaunt to sunny Spain. David, however, had other plans. He suggested Scandinavia.

Veronica was not so onboard with this. Right. Let’s head north into the cold and dark. Why, pray tell? Then David said two words: Northern Lights.

That did it.

See our European rail adventure from the beginning!

David & Veronica, GypsyNester.com

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