Revealed: Top 10 schools in Dubai for 2019

Parents around the world are always looking for the best schools for their kids; the parents of Dubai are no different. To help parents out in their search of the best school, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has compiled a list of schools that have been rated outstanding in the year 2019.

The list is unbiased and is according to the latest inspection of all school in Dubai. This list will help the parents with the selection of the best school in Dubai.

The chairman of Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dr Abdulla Al Karam, claimed that this early notification of this list is a step in helping parents to find the most appropriate schools for their kids. Coming from the authorities and expert in education, this list holds a solid reputation. A parent can go by this list and enrol their kids accordingly.

The Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) inspected 176 private schools of Dubai, and out of that significant number, the selected 18 schools that have improved their standards of teaching. Moreover, these schools have gone from good to outstanding in a very short time; this reflects a great deal of potential.

To be more precise:

Four of those 18 schools improved form very good to outstanding
Five of those 18 schools improved from excellent to very good
Six of those 18 schools developed from acceptable to good
Three of those 18 schools developed from weak to acceptable

This is great news as the schools are showing significant improvement as well as the potential to do better and better each year. The fishing pool is getting bigger as well., with so many school ranking so good, the parent has a bigger pool to fish from. It gets easier for them with the selection getting so much wider. If you compare the recent with the school some 30 years back, you will see a mark difference. Kids now a day are receiving a better quality education. According to Dr. Abdulla, the number has doubled by 70 percent, and it’s increasing with each passing year, and this is the kind of future that Dubai and its residents need.

Furthermore, to assist parents and help them choose the best for their kids, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) also has the inspection results of every school individually available on their site. These schools are also obliged to send emails to the kid’s parents to let them know about their child’s progress as well as shit comings.

Dr. Abdulla claims, “Selecting a respectable school according to the need of every individual kid is the sole responsibility of the parents and nobody else. However, as the authorities and experts, we want to make this decision and step easier for the parents. We believe that it’s a good and responsible education that will take our nation to success and prosperity. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) headed by Dr. Abdulla, wants parents to understand the important role they play in selecting the best schools and preparing a highly educated future generation for the nation. This is the reason why choosing the best school matters the most, as it will help Dubai become even greater and stronger on the world map.

Chief of Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB), Fatma Belrehif claims that the progress of these 18 schools has been exceptional this year. The overall rating is pretty impressive as well as evidently noticeable.

She also claimed that initially, 38 schools were promising better quality schooling to their students; now, however, 119 schools are evidently offering better quality education to its pupils. And this number will go up in the coming year as well. With parents demanding better education, the system is improving with each passing year.

The step to monitor school improvement and inspection were taken in 2008, and it’s going very strong. The initiative was taken positively by the authorities, schools as well as the parent. That has encouraged the inspections and their results even more.

The schools are adopting better ways to carter their pupils, as every student is different, they have taken a variety of approaches to carter all student, no matter what their strong suits are. Also, they have appointed better staff and professional teachers who know what they are doing.

Dubai understands that better students of today will become better individuals of tomorrow. They will grow up to become better professionals of tomorrow. A sound education system will bring even better days for Dubai and its people.

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