5 Ways Students Can Travel Frugally

The life of a student can be pretty interesting, especially when it comes to the financial aspect regarding survival. Almost all of us are broke most of the time and dependent on our parents to get us through the month. While some of us may choose to work part-time, we all know that it is barely enough to buy us the necessary things, let alone splurge it on our indulgences. And when we add to that a hobby and/or passion like traveling, we can barely figure out how to make this dream a reality. It’s the same as to pay someone to do my homework. We know the pay isn’t much for them to live off just one-assignment by providing assignment help.

That is when most of us get stuck in the rut of procrastinating this pleasure and keep thinking about earning a lot of money one day and then see the world. Whereas the truth is that you really don’t need a lot of money to travel. Yes, you heard us right. Even internationally my friend. Traveling broadens our horizons and it is so important to explore the world around us. Thus in this article, we are going to share five awesome ways in which a student can travel without spending a lot of money.

1. Avoid Traveling On The Weekends

We know that for a lot of people there are classes on the weekdays but if possible you should avoid weekends at all costs because that is when the prices actually surge up. In fact, it is much cheaper to book a flight on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Therefore, always try to have a workaround for your schedule and take a formal leave if possible. Say that you plan to visit a college research paper writing service to strengthen the content of your thesis and eliminate silly errors. After all, if traveling is indeed what lifts up your spirits then there is absolutely no harm in pulling some strings to make sure that you are actually able to do it.

Further, planning your trip well in advance would help you eliminate a lot of cost consuming variables like the cost of accommodation and visiting places of interest too as prices come down on weekdays to attract visitors.

2. Look For Student Discounts

Right from hotel accommodations, food, transportation, shopping, etc. to ticket prices of movies, museums, parks, galleries, historical monuments, etc. all have student discounts. You only need to ask or dig up some information beforehand on the internet and you can actually save a ton of money. If you plan to be in the area for more than a couple of days then you can ask the nearby local restaurant that you are planning to eat a couple of meals at their place and what discount can they offer you.

Further, there are always passes available for students to travel around the city on a bus or using the subway and these can really save you some money as opposed to Uber and even when compared to normal prices for other people. So ditch the introvert in you and start asking around. If no student discounts are available then coupon websites (like DigiToolsCoupons for digital tools. Sorry we cannot recommend a particular service for travel to maintain the sanctity and transparency of the article) are your best friends.

3. Don’t Eat All Your Meals Outside

If it is possible for you to cook at the place you are living in then please do buy stuff that you can prepare without much hassle. You could also always carry some snacks and fruits that can be munched whenever the pangs of hunger bother you. Always try to prepare your breakfast yourself and eat as much as possible. This will get you throughout the day and you would be forced to have a late lunch.

This brings us to our next money-saving trick when it comes to food. Eat a heavy lunch outside rather than going for a heavy dinner. Lunch prices are so much cheaper as compared to dinner. Thus having a heavy lunch after the actual lunch hours will leave you with fewer cravings for dinner. And even if you would want to eat one, you can always have a light meal or pull up the snacks you have. Some of the best financial modeling courses teach this little hack to save money while traveling.

4. Don’t Eat At Popular Locations That Attract A Lot Of People

Just because a restaurant can be at a popular location they feel it is justified to charge super expensive prices. They know there will be no dearth of customers and people would keep walking in all the time because the place is right in front of their eyes. So eating at places that crop up around popular destinations is a big no-no as the prices are much more than what you would be paying if you choose to walk in either direction away from the place.

There are high chances that within the radius of 0.1-0.2 miles you would be getting a good place to eat where the prices would be much cheaper but still, the food and the ambiance would be super high-quality.

5. Try To Plan A 1-Day Trip If The Place Is Within Your Country

The trick here is to book the earliest flight possible that would land in the city you choose to visit by around 7 am. This means that you might have to catch an early flight and stay at the airport the night before so as to avoid calling a cab to take a flight at odd hours when most of the public transport shuts down. Reaching the city early on in the morning will leave you with so much time to travel around and cover as many places as possible.

Finally, you should book a late-night flight so as to maximize the time you would be spending in the city. By the time you come back, you might feel extremely tired due to running around all day but a little bit of effort will actually save you tons of money as opposed to 2-3 day trips where you would be covering the same number of places but the food and accommodation prices would shoot up. Caroline from Essay Typer suggested this small hack and it works like a charm.

These are our top 5 tips when it comes to how students can travel frugally. Please write to us in case you have a super awesome tip for us and we might include it in this article. Till then, keep seeing the world!

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