Psychology of a Compulsive Liar

In our daily lives, most of us lie to a certain extent. Some of these statements are white lies which means that they do not cause harm to anyone. Even then, lying is not a justified act by any means. How can you define compulsive liars in simple terms? To start with, a compulsive liar is always or majorly untruthful. If he is asked ten questions, eight or nine of them would have false answers. These people have lying as a part of their psychology and personality development.

An imaginary world to live in

Why do people tell lies in the first place? The common reasons include either projecting an untruthful picture or saving yourself from something. Compulsive liars mostly live mentally in an imaginary world. They want to protect themselves in such a way that they appear better than their actual standing. For instance, a mid-level employee would exaggerate that he holds the position of a senior manager. The reason is creating a solid impression among people.

They set their facts which are different from the real world. As a result, when they initiate a conversation with someone, it starts with a false statement.

Alcohol / Drug consumption is a common habit.

In a lot of cases, compulsive liars prefer intoxication. It majorly assists them in creating an imaginary world around them. For instance, someone who has had an unsuccessful career may quickly turn into a compulsive liar. People do not want to face the world when they end up with a failure.

Drinking alcohol is one way to reach that mental state. Regular drinkers are mostly not in their senses as alcohol is a part of their bloodstream. Once the effect is over, they drink more to restore the same psychological state. Hence, it can be said that this is a continuous process.

    • Continuous consumption of alcohol is a significant impact on the personality of any individual. This is a negative impact. People who drink are unable to think correctly. Their neural processes slow down, and when there is no alcohol intake, the irritation level rises as well. Alcoholics imagine themselves in a very different way than they initially are. Usually, this image is better than the originality.
    • This is again a lie that they tell themselves. A significant reason for compulsive lying in this situation is lack of success. If you look at the history of alcoholics, they usually start drinking when there is a failure in their lives. This is where the lying habit develops in the first place. Initially, they lie to themselves that nothing has gone wrong. Gradually, this attitude comes out in the open, and they start behaving with people in the same way.

Recovery First is all a Compulsive Liar needs to get out of misery and to get some hope.

Success Parameters are too High.

Every individual has a particular capability level, and his accomplishments would be a relevant reflection. You cannot expect a below-average student to get a position in the class. It is not impossible, but chances are much lower. People who tell lies compulsively have very high milestones set for themselves. These can be related to financial growth, educational accomplishments, or any other niche. Let us glance at an example to gain more clarity.

    • Consider that an applicant gets enrolled in an engineering degree. During the first two semesters, he is unable to manage the pressure and gets rusticated. This would be a significant setback for him if the degree was his dream. In such cases, he would start imagining that he is still going ahead with the degree while the reality may be completely different. Again, this would gradually become a part of the personality. While communicating with people, such a person would mention that he is pursuing an engineering degree.


Procrastination is more of a habit and not a medical issue. People who generally procrastinate lack initiative. They would make the best plans, but it would be a different ball game when it comes to implementation. Such people make excuses and postpone things. How does the compulsive lying habit come into play?

    • When someone asks them about their goals and plans, they will present an idealistic situation far away from reality. This habit of postponing things increases and gives rise to an increased number of lies. Eventually, the person starts telling lies to himself and others.

Lack of Hard Work and Effort

It is impossible to achieve something in life until you do not work hard towards the goal. Simply planning things does not work well. If you are not prepared to bend your back and work hard, the desired results would never be achieved. People who are only prepared to make plans and not work hard towards the goal end up lying to people.

    • Obviously, when we are living in a society, people discuss things and inquire as well. If you have not been able to achieve things, there are two days to handle the issue. One is that you do not give an explanation and let people think what they wish to. The other is making false claims and lies. This option is selected by people who wish to live in a world of their own. They do not want to work hard and get better results. Instead, they daydream and simply imagine that things would magically improve.


People do tell lies, and at times, it does not have any impact on the personality. Unfortunately, this is always not the case. Compulsive lying is a very different issue. People who are stuck with it rarely speak the truth. The reason being that they are distant from the real world. Instead, they reside in an imaginary one.

Compulsive lying is also treated as a personality disorder or abnormality. Someone who does not know whether he should be truthful or not needs attention. In a nutshell, there is a real-world that we live in, and telling lies undoubtedly takes us far away from it. Being truthful and realistic is definitely what people should aim at doing.

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