How to Improve your LinkedIn Connections with QR Codes

As QR codes are breaking their way in social media platforms, how would it make a difference in strengthening connections among users?

LinkedIn is generally used in the business community to create a network for other businessmen, employees, and other professionals. This network is called “connections”.  Unlike other social media platforms where making friends is a whole lot easier, LinkedIn is focused on a whole new perspective. The site is designed for professionals who want to build a strategic relationship with others.

To improve their connections, the use of QR codes has become an integral tool in achieving this goal. Creating connections among users was made easier and possible with the help of QR codes.

What is a LinkedIn QR code generator?

LinkedIn QR code generator is an online software use to generating QR code for LinkedIn.  This allows users to generate QR codes that embed their LinkedIn profile. By just scanning the QR code, users will be directed to a LinkedIn profile without the hassle of typing in the name of the person. LinkedIn QR code generator eliminates the burden in identifying if it is the right person in instances wherein people have similar names.

As making connections in LinkedIn is a bit challenging, QR code experts have developed this LinkedIn QR code generator which evidently helps LinkedIn users improved their connections.

Use QR codes to improve your connections

It’s never enough to have just the tool to improve your connections, as a LinkedIn user, you should also learn how to apply these QR codes. With the right tool and application, you can get bigger and better connections. Here are some ways to improve your connections with QR code:

1. Always keep your engagement active

Active engagement with your existing and prospect connections is important to improve and increase your connections. You can keep your engagement active by providing them with your generated LinkedIn QR code. With the use of LinkedIn QR codes, people needless to manually type in and search for your username. Existing and prospect connections can easily connect with you by just scanning your QR code.

2. Design a code that best fits you

With a great QR code design, you can definitely increase its scanning rate thus widening your connections. Choose the best color and pattern that fits you but remember to make it looks professional as LinkedIn is designed for professionals.

3. Share your QR codes on other platforms

Sharing of information and other data is just one click or seconds faster now in the digital world. With the existence of social media and marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, magazines, posters, and many others, businesses and professionals are extending their marketing campaigns on these platforms. By sharing your LinkedIn QR code, you can expand your connections in LinkedIn. Through this, you can also spread awareness to others about LinkedIn who don’t have any idea what this online platform is.

4. Consider its scannability and placement

After designing your QR code, always check if the code works and can be scanned easily. Using different phones, you can test the scannability of your LinkedIn QR code. With regards to its placement, ensure that your QR code is visible and people can conveniently scan the code especially on magazines, flyers, and posters.

How to create a LinkedIn QR code?

With these 6 simple steps you can now improve your LinkedIn connections with QR code:

    1. Copy your LinkedIn profile link.
    2. Open a QR code generator online.
    3. Select social media feature
    4. Generate and customize your LinkedIn QR code
    5. Download and Test
    6. Deploy, post, and start sharing


LinkedIn is indeed a promising social media app use by businesses and professionals in expanding their marketing campaigns. LinkedIn users need to get connections in gaining an advantage over their competitors.

With the existence of QR codes, LinkedIn users can tap the help of the best QR code generator like QRTiger to improve their connections smartly and innovatively.



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