Plovdiv: The Best Place to Visit in Bulgaria

If you have ever considered a holiday in Bulgaria, you have probably seen many beautiful photos and read a lot about the biggest cities in the country. However, Boiana-MG will tell you why Plovdiv should be on top of your list of destinations in Bulgaria!

1.   History all over the place

It is no secret that Plovdiv is considered one of the most historical places not only in Bulgaria but in Europe as well.  The place can bring you to a different era in time! The old town keeps its signs of time carefully and nothing can ruin your experience there. The atmosphere is archaic but all the young people there will make you feel like you are traveling in time.

Museums and galleries surround you and pop up with every step. Small craft shops will make you fall in love with this city! It is not to forget that getting on top of this area guarantees you a breathtaking view – you can clearly see the whole region around town from this point!

2.   Urban culture on point

Although the spirit of time remains untouched, you can observe the definition of ‘urban culture’ in action in the old town. Street art has covered the walls of the buildings in the small streets, and local bars and specialized shops are there for you to experience the new culture beat! This spot never sleeps and this is the best of it all! Whether you would want a specialty coffee in the early morning, a gourmet lunch, or a glass of boutique wine in the evening, Plovdiv is there for you!

3.   European Culture Capital

Even though Plovdiv is not the national capital of Bulgaria, it was a European Culture Capital of 2019. And this really comes with a reason! The city has become the most popular spot for concerts, exhibitions, events, theater, tourism, and nightlife in Bulgaria in the past few years. There are even two museum nights per year, which is something that does not really happen in most European countries. If you want to see and experience the urban culture and the Bulgarian tradition at the same time, there is no better place than Plovdiv!

4.   Cuisine is OUTSTANDING

Plovdiv turns out to be everybody’s cup of tea. There are a lot of places where you can taste authentic Bulgarian food. However, there are so many new places which offer a great variety of options for everybody! The diversity there claims that nobody leaves hungry! European, Mediterranean, French, Turkish, Vegan, and even Hungarian food can be found there in just a few steps around. We may also not forget the high-class wine and craft beer shops and bars around almost every corner. It’s like living the gastronomic dream of every traveler!

P(love)div is one of the cities in Bulgaria which shows off with extraordinary beauty and outstanding experience for its visitors, whether they are foreigners or not. It can bring you to a new level of relaxation and bohemian luxury for just about a weekend of time! There surely is a reason why everybody goes back there once they visit it! Beware: this city will steal your heart without you even noticing!

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