Our Top Picks for Best Spray-On Bedliner

Imagine you just purchased your dream truck. The last thing you want is to risk damage and scratches to the bed of your truck.

Anyone who owns a truck and uses the truck bed knows scratches and dings are inevitable. Not only are they unappealing, but scratches and other damage to the bed of your truck can lead to rust or other serious issues.

Invest in a bedliner to protect your truck. Even the best spray-on bedliner won’t cost you a fortune. With the variety of brands and types to choose from, there’s a liner to fit your needs.

Before you choose any bed liner, here are the best spray-on bedliners to consider for your truck.

Main Types of Spray-On Bedliners

You’ll find while shopping for the best spray-on bed liner that Aliphatic and Aromatic are the 2 main kinds of liners. Both protect the bed of your truck and have their advantages.

Aliphatic spray-on bedliners consist of real polyurethane. These sprays hold color well and make a great choice for anyone wanting a colored bedliner. They’re long-lasting, durable, and aren’t affected by UV rays.

Aromatic spray-on bedliners are a mix of poly-isocyanates and polyurethane. They’re not as durable as the aliphatic sprays, but they cost much less. Aromatic spray-on bedliners come in black or other dark colors.

You can apply both bedliners via a spray gun or a roller, but the spray gun. It’s best to invest in the bedliner that will fit your needs rather than cost.

Then there’s the type of pressure spray to consider.

High-pressure spray-on bedliners use high-temperatures and high-pressure to apply the bedliner. The result is usually a smooth even surface and that’s more durable and long-lasting.

Low-pressure spray-on bedliners use cooler a temperature and less pressure when applied to a truck. They’re not as durable as high-pressure bedliners and can have an inconsistent texture.

The main differences between high and low-pressure bedliners are the second is rougher and takes longer to cure after application. As long as you prep your truck bed before applying a bedliner and care for your bed, either type of spray-on bedliner will help protect your bed.

Finding the Best Spray-On Bedliner

Choosing the best spray-on bedliner doesn’t need to be a difficult process. Here are the top-rated spray-on bedliners to protect your truck.

Custom Coat Black Urethane Bed Liner

This Custom Coat liner is the best spray-on bedliner for applying your bedliner by yourself. It comes with a black liner base, coat hardener, and a spray gun to apply the liner.

What sets this bedliner apart from others is its detailed and easy-to-follow instructions. You can use a spray gun or a brush or roller to apply the liner. It’s easy to use and comes with plenty of material to cover any size truck bed.

Custom Coat will protect your truck is waterproof, flexible, and reduces the sound from vibrations. It’s a durable and long-lasting liner at an affordable price.

Raptor Truck Bed Liner

This tough Raptor Truck Bed Liner is long-lasting and easy to use. You can choose to apply the liner using a spray gun, brush, or roller depending on the final texture you’re hoping to achieve.

The main features of this liner protect your truck bed from rust, corrosion, salt, and extreme temperatures. Its flexibility helps quiet noise and prevents the liner from cracking or chipping.

After you finish applying the liner, you’ll find it dries and hardens fast. You will need to supply your spray gun or rollers and you may need extra liner material for longer truck beds.

Rust-Oleum Truck Bed Coating

Whether you’re coating your truck bed for the first time or looking to touch up an existing liner, Rust-Oleum is the best spray-on truck bedliner for DIY application.

The Rust-Oleum liner contours to the bed of your truck protecting every part of the bed from scratches, rust, and other damage. Achieve a smooth even finish by using a spray gun to apply liner. If you prefer a textured finish to your liner, you can use a roller or brush.

This liner may require 3-4 coats to create a durable finish and takes about 24 hours to dry. However, it doesn’t require any prep and you can reuse it for touch-ups later.

Speedliner Spray Bedliner

Designed for long-lasting durability, the Speedliner Spray Bedliner is a professionally-installed bedliner you can trust.

It protects your truck bed from rust and corrosion to UV light and dents. Plus, you’re not limited to just a black liner, you can choose any color you like. You can find out more about Speedliner from a local dealer or online.

LinerXtreeme Spray On Bedliner

This bedliner kit is complete with 3 gallons of liquid liner and a spray gun for immediate application. The finished liner offers a sleek shiny look that stands out.

The high-quality material of this bedliner is durable and will last for years. Not only does the LinerXtreeme protect from scratches, rust, and weather, it also protects your bed from dents and doesn’t chip or crack.

This DIY spray-on bedliner comes with easy-to-follow instructions and guarantees a beautiful look when finished. The 3 gallons of liner covers over 100 square feet making it a great choice for even the largest of truck beds.

Al’s Liner Premium DIY Bed Liner Kit

Are you searching for a trustworthy and versatile bed liner kit? Al’s proves to be the best spray-on bedliner for versatility, durability, and customization.

Like most bedliners, it protects your truck bed from rust, scratches, mildew, and any other damage that might happen. Al’s goes above and beyond by allowing you to customize the texture and hardness of the liner to fit your needs.

The bedliner kit is a batch kit meaning you can mix as little or as much as you need. This high-quality bedliner will last you year after year.

Protect Your Truck Now

The best spray-on bedliner for your truck isn’t limited to one specific brand. Depending on your needs and wants, the best bedliner will be the one that works for you. With the selection ranging in style, price, and type of application, there are plenty of spray-on bedliners to choose from.

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