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Interview by Ceri Wheeldon of Fab After 50

I love to share stories of people who inspire. I first connected with David and Veronica James about 5 years ago when they had started on their adventure after their kids leave home. As they launch their first book talking about their travels and new life, I caught up with the Gypsynesters in a video interview. They are great fun and I hope you enjoy my vdeo interview as they share their highs and lows, and Veronica shares her story from being a helicopter mum to jumping out of a plane in Australia.

These are the questions I put to the Gypsynesters about their fabulous midlife adventure.

Most people become emptynesters when the kids leave home – but you left home too. How did that come about?

What was it like having ‘no nest’ at all?

How did your kids react to you leaving home?

What was it like packing your things and selling your home?

Was it exciting or scary or both?

Did you start out with a plan? How long did take from when you decided to ‘take off’ to starting your adventure?

How many counties/states have you visited?

Best moment

Worst moment

What was the most outrageous thing you tried on your travels?

How easy was it to travel ‘light’?  What was it like travelling without all the home comforts we women take for granted!

What did you miss the most?

What was it like having no home base?

Have you inspired others to do the same and travel?

What’s next?

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