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6 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve on Brooklyn Bridge!”

  1. My son spent two years celebrating New Years off the bridge. According to him the only way to see the lights and one year celebrating overlooking Central Park. He is now in LA. My Dad was a Brooklynite – the only one of 8 siblings to leave the area. I so enjoyed my visit when Luke graduated from AADA. This was a blast to watch and read. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Great article! I made the pilgrimage to Times Square on New Year’s Eve in my early 20’s. We lived just across the river so it wasn’t so far to go as it is now! I was young and and the young don’t need to pee quite as often as those of us on the other side of fifty!

    I always say everyone should do New Year’s Eve in New York at least once in their lives. Of course, i it was a different experience in the early 70’s than it probably is now. Your walk across Brooklyn Bridge seems equally thrilling to me now. Thanks for sharing the idea. I intend to pass it along to my kids who talk every year about making their journey to the Big Apple ~ though there’s will be longer!

    I do think that this year was one of the warmer New Year’s Eves on record. We required a bottle of Blackberry Brandy on our night and even then it was far from warm! Thanks for sharing your experiences ~ I felt like I was there!

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