Need Some Hidden Kitchen Ideas? Let’s Explore Them Here

The kitchen is the epitome of hearth and home. You cannot imagine a domestic living without this corner of the house. While this ingenious space is invaluable, it can also cause clutter and distraction in the minimalist lifestyle. It can substantially affect the modern and sleek look of your house if not kept well. That’s why you may worry about its organization. In that sense, it can be better to listen to what experts suggest. The architects feel compact and hidden kitchens are the real solution to this. Some designs conceal all the mess from open view, putting your house in order. Here is a quick look into these designing techniques now shared by HomeDesignX. You can also visit their website to find the best cookware sets that will fit your kitchen!

Invisible Kitchen Ideas

Hiding it behind hinged or sliding doors in a smaller home

One of the most common concealment practices is to create a kitchen space into a recess and close it behind sliding or hinged doors. But you have to plan for it from the beginning. If you manage to achieve it, the outcome can be incredible. Suppose you live in a 33 m2 flat. If you have to redesign it so that everything looks neat and compact, you would want to build dimensioned blocks for all the components. To be precise, the kitchen can stay behind the floor-to-ceiling hinged cabinet doors. There can be shelves under the counter, though, for storage needs. In that small area, you can add a cutting board and other amenities to the wall. When you need them, you can slide them out and use them.

If you are looking for some more options, you can replace the hinged cabinet doors with the sliding white panels.  The white panel doors tend to add aesthetic value to the visual representation of the space by defining dark stone countertops and wood cabinets as such. The box-like kitchen can house an oven, shelving, backlighting, stovetop, sink, and one of the useful sink faucets for cooking. Do you love natural light? Anyway, a space like a kitchen should be bright and energetic. That’s why some invisible kitchen areas also feature a window nearby.

Hiding it behind foldable panel doors in a larger home

You may desire to cultivate private corners in every nook of the house to do your work without any interference. At the same time, it should not be so rigid that you cannot interact with others easily. For such requirements, foldable panels can work well. If you can create a large kitchen, it will accommodate everything from the refrigerator to cabinets to the oven and more. Another kitchen design that can impress you is the one hiding in the recess behind marble-coated cabinet doors. The kitchen can have its footprint in all four corners of the room with a central kitchen island.

The appliances can stay inside the elegant doors, boastful of minimalist lines. These doors don’t have to be folding or sliding panels. Instead, you can go for a regular-style cabinet door.

So, hidden kitchens can serve both functional and aesthetic needs without intruding on your space. The detailed designs can leverage the size of the kitchen and the choice of appliances pretty well. You can keep everything concealed behind the doors.

Things to consider when designing an invisible kitchen

One of the main concerns with hidden kitchens can be about storage. You may wonder where your bits and bobs will go. Don’t stress about this. There are many clever solutions to address this issue regardless of the floor size. To start with, people with shorter heights can struggle with full-length cabinets. It can feel like a challenge to bring a spoon or something else down from above. Someone with a height of five feet and four inches on average can also complain about this. But it doesn’t have to quash your dreams of a concealed kitchen idea. You can opt for pull-down solutions that make even the tallest cabinets quite accessible by allowing them to come to your level.

As for appliance storage, you can stash them behind extra doors. After all, you want your kitchen to be a secret. To be precise, you can build plenty of doors to keep things out of sight.

Another practical consideration is that you can cook food, but you cannot expect to prepare meals for as many as 15 individuals or more. It is a tiny kitchen in the end. Hence, it can accommodate only that much. Besides, the doors will have to remain open when you work on the oven. It also means you cannot shut the doors even if you are doing a simple baking job. It would be best if you remembered this to avoid fire breakouts. Some experts suggest that all the appliances should feature an automatic switch-off function that prevents them from running inside a closed door.

Keeping these fundamental things in mind can help you enjoy the sleek exteriors of your concealed kitchen a little more. For an open layout, these designs can be a fantastic addition as all the clutter gets locked behind the door. Still, you don’t have to give it the same color or decorative touch. You can make it stand out from other things in the room with contrasting designs for a visual treat. So, whether you like to apply bright colors, add particular patterns, or use unique materials, you don’t have to limit your imagination. Be creative with your ideas and pick the most suitable one to do justice to the entire setup.

Concealed kitchens can sound like a bizarre concept at once. But when you consider its practical and aesthetic value, you will realize its benefit for your apartment type. If you think these designs are suitable for smaller apartments only, try to study this style more. It can be surprising to discover that even larger apartments use it. While limited space can be one of the significant factors behind its popularity, many people choose it to maintain the clutter-free look of their house. Anyway, everyone can have their reasons for a decision and so do you.

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