Must See Casinos when you Visit New Zealand

Top Rated Casino Hotels in New Zealand 

Visiting New Zealand should be a thrilling experience for everyone. The country has a lot to offer, including amazing scenery, all the while also providing a host of interesting sights. Flora and fauna of New Zealand have incredible beauty and are well worth visiting. Sadly, you could barely complete the journey unless you engage in a Kiwis favourite pastime: Gambling. Even if you are not a very avid gambler it’s worth checking out a few casino sites when visiting. We give recommendations for the best casinos in the nation so we can guide you to the right place for you. 

Tell me the most popular gaming destination in New Zealand?

New Zealand currently has six casinos across its entire territory which is quite impressive. New Zealand is very fond of pokies as their neighbours of Australia. Almost everybody in American society does not see NZ as a gaming destination. In this article I shall discuss a list of the most important casino destinations in a given region, describe the gaming landscape in New Zealand and the legislation that governs the game industry and casino operations. 

Online alternatives

Online casinos are very popular with the Covid19 epidemic in New Zealand. A leading, reputable site is CasinoMaxi which offers new players a great range of games. Players will be rewarded in casinos with a choice to play online rather than in a traditional land-based casino – Do not forget your Free Spin bonus and Comp Points when you play in a new casino. It’s purely a game for you and gives the casino advantage over its competition. If the program is properly used the rewards will be long lasting. 

SkyCity Casino Auckland 

SkyCity Casinos is probably New Zealand’s best casino. With its five-star Grand Hotel it attracts both local and international visitors. More than 2,000 popular slot machines are available within the casino along with more than 100 table gaming machines and an individual poker room. In addition, there are several restaurants and cafes inside the venue, and other entertainment amenities for the visitors to play, where they can relax, chill out and enjoy some good meals. Then you can also check their online casinos which allow you to use New Zealand currency and play money online. 

Dunedin Casino 

In 1999, Dunedin casinos opened near Dunedin International Airport. In a beautiful Victorian-style building it offers an authentic and unforgettable experience which begins as soon as you walk inside the venue. Although SkyCity casinos are less large or versatile, they still contain some 200 slot machines and a dozen gaming tables. Dunedin offers no accommodation at the Casino, although visitors are welcome at a discount at the Scenic Hotel South cross. 

Christchurch Casino 

Christchurch Casino is a venue worth visiting. As with most of the rest of the Casino’s facilities the casino also includes a variety of additional facilities such as restaurants and live entertainment. There are many hotels near Casino. The hotel deals with several, so if you’re looking to stay awhile, it may get you quite a good offer. 

SkyCity Hamilton 

Sky City Casino is an entertainment destination in the central business district. This hotel is filled with over 200 gaming tables and 300 gaming machines. The venue has a bar, restaurants, bowling alley, and gaming options. As far as lodgings go, several hotels lie within walking distance of Casino. 

Gambling laws in New Zealand 

It’s long been illegal in New Zealand that gaming is legal, again illegal. As you learn more about the history of gambling, it will become commonplace for nations to shift direction under new leaders. 

First Gambling Laws in New Zealand 

It is the first time the New Zealand government has officially implemented gambling rules. Bookkeeping had become outlawed and horse betting was restricted to racing tracks. In addition, the laws around other forms of gambling were very strict and in the 1980s the legalisation of gambling machines. Lotteries were officially allowed by the New Zealand Parliament within an equal timeframe. The pokie machine, also referred to in the industry as the slot machine, has been legalized. Only until 1994 did the first casinos open in New Zealand. 

Current Gambling Laws in New Zealand 

New Zealand casinos are prohibited without permission by the Government as per the Gambling Act 1003. There are a variety of gaming genres which require a government licence. In general, the amount allowed in gambling is determined according to a variety of factors. To join an Australian casino, a player must be aged 18 or over. The sports wager requires an 18-year-old. It is legal for players from NZ who play at real money online casinos from another country and can be regulated however. 

Government Regulators of Gambling in New Zealand 

The Gambling Commission was established in 2003 and monitors the gambling industry in New Zealand. Those branches have been assigned to the Ministry of Interior. The Gaming Commission is responsible for the approvals of casinos, and they also dictate specifications. It also manages agreements between casinos and operators. 


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