Moving To Another State? Top 5 Things You Need to Know

Whether you are moving out of state for change or for a job opportunity, the process will be both hectic and exciting. Getting organized for your move can seem impossible but with a bit of advice and a moving glossary to help you understand all of the terms anyone can do it. Stay in charge of your organization by creating a list of things to remember when moving into a new home.

Register your Travel

Registering your travel with the U.S. Embassy Smart Traveler Enrollment Program or STEP is crucial. STEP is a service that will notify you and keep you up-to-date with information about your new country’s safety conditions. Your enrollment to this program will allow the U.S. U.S. Embassy to send you notifications quickly in case of emergency, whether it be a natural disaster or family emergency in the United States.

Update Your Information

When moving to a new state it is important that you make update your information and important documents. This is a significant step in your moving process. Important documents include your address, driver’s license, medical and veterinary records. You will need these documents wherever you move to so it is important that you have copies of them updated and ready to use once you get to your new location. Consider writing out a change address checklist to make sure you notify the right people. Include place like the post office, tax agencies, renters insurance and employers.

Start Packing

Make sure you take the necessary amount of time to purge and pack before moving. Do your best not to procrastinate because packing all your belongings into boxes and deciding what to get rid of is time consuming. Organize and label your boxes. Start your packing with non-essential items then move your way from room to room. This will make unloading your items easier and less time consuming.

While you are packing sort and discard everything you don’t need or want. Your long-distance move will be priced according to the weight or your items so be sure to donate any unused clothing, outdated electronics and heavy items you have no use for that may be weighing you down. Sell all the items that aren’t going on Craigslist, the Facebook marketplace or a consignment shop. What does not sell you can consider donating to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill. Consider making use of a moving checklist to make this task more manageable. After your checklist is complete get in touch with top interstate moving companies while planning and organizing to make sure you stay on budget and on schedule for your big move.

Read about your New State

When moving to a new state it is imperative that you take the time to research the location.

What is the temperature and weather like? How are the school districts and crime rates? How much will you being paying for taxes?

Research this new state as much as possible so that you can learn everything there is to know. You will want to be aware of recreational activities, business and restaurants that will be located near your new home. Don’t forget to check into local events and festivals which always make for an exciting day or night out. Are there any clubs you and your family could join? What about libraries and coffee shops? Consider visiting the area before you move and give yourself the opportunity to meet locals and explore. Take the time to get to know your new state and city.

Plan for your Trip to and from the Airport

Are you driving your own vehicle to the airport or are will you be using some type of public transportation? When you arrive to your new state how will you be leaving the airport to get to your new home? These are questions you must ask yourself before you leave so that you can formulate a solid plan. Research public transit systems in your new state and know now that some cities have better public transportation than others. You will need a car wherever you go so make sure to take this expense into account before moving.

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