Most Creative Ways to Save Money for Travel:

Travel can be expensive. Many people prioritize travel but the costs are quite prohibitive. Travel costs include things like tickets, visa, accommodation, food, transportation, and activities. When you put it all together, it can add up to a hefty sum. Unless you have a mini fortune stored somewhere, you will need to put money aside to fund your travel dreams. But it isn’t easy – how many times have you wanted to save money and travel the world?

Before you begin saving, you will need to draft a rough travel bill to understand the approximate amount you need to save. Add a little extra into the bill for any unexpected costs. Once you arrive at a particular number, you can start to save. Here are some unique and creative ways to save money and quench your wanderlust.

1. Get a savings bank account:
If you plan to travel, especially on a budget, open a savings bank account. It’s particularly useful if you almost always use your card. Keep depositing small sums of money at regular periods of time. Save enough money in this particular account and use it for all your travel expenses. Push yourself to regularly put in money instead of taking it out for your daily expenses. This is a great way to control your expenditure and keep your finances organized.

2. Cut down your bills:
The money you spend on utility, mobile, internet, and cable bills is probably a huge amount. There are many ways you can use to reduce your monthly expenditure on bills effectively and efficiently. Don’t waste water during showers or while brushing teeth. Unplug your appliances when they’re not in use. Maintain your heating at mildly lower temperatures and avoid them whenever possible. You can save big for your vacation by following these little steps.

3. Bring out the penny jar:
Don’t underestimate the power of a penny jar. Little pennies make big dollars, enough to take you on your dream whirlwind trip. Keep adding extra pennies to that jar – you only need to drop $1.37 every day to reach $500 within a year. You could also maintain a dollar jar to increase your savings. Resist the temptation to use the jar money for other expenses. After all, your dream vacation is hanging in the balance!

4. Get a side job:
You probably have a regular full-time job. So, pick up a side job to boost your earnings and your savings. Take up something that you’re passionate about, like playing guitar, singing or writing. There are many websites that let you offer your services as a freelancer. You can also offer babysitting or lawnmowing services to your neighbors to earn some money. Use all of the earnings from your side job and savings from your regular job to fund your travel.

5. Take an off-season trip:
Instead of traveling during the holidays like everyone else, travel during the off-season months and fly at unpopular timings. In such situations, tickets cost much lesser and their availability is much higher. The same logic applies to popular tourist spots, activities, restaurants, and hotels. You can shave off a large chunk of the price and enjoy relatively lesser crowds.

6. Book your tickets early:
Develop your travel plan and your detailed itinerary months ahead. Likewise, make your reservations and book your tickets in advance. Tickets can get a lot costlier as you get closer to the travel date. You also need to book early if you’re interested in a popular tour, like a Grand Canyon tour or an Alcatraz tour. A little bit of smart planning can save you big bucks, especially if you’re going on a long trip.

7. Do it online:
There are many advantages to completing your bookings online. Surfing the net will unveil many wonderful opportunities to save money. There are online coupons, cash back sites, online loyalty points, and travel websites that offer sizable discounts. Conduct a thorough search for any good offers and big discounts before finalizing your booking. Always check the credibility of the website before giving your credit card details.

8. Create and sell items:
If you have a knack of creating something, put your skills to good use by creating and selling. You can create anything like cakes, paintings or even handmade friendship bracelets and sell it at your local craft markets and online websites. Alternatively, you can also dispose of your old items by hosting yard sales and posting listings online. This can provide you with some much-needed cash that you can put into your dollar jar or savings account.

9. Buy lesser items:
It’s all about knowing the difference between needs and wants – you need to buy groceries but you want to buy a new dress. Cut back on your wants or choose to buy them second-hand. Put that money into your travel savings. Even the tiniest contribution to your travel bank account can lead up to vacations in more exotic places. It will be very tough for the first few weeks but, once you get the hang of it, you will hold on to this skill for the rest of your life.

 10. Opt for group trips and group savings:
Solo travel is beautiful and empowering. But if you’re struggling to finance your trip, travel with your friends or family. Once everyone starts pitching in, your travel goal won’t seem like a distant dream anymore. If you give your kids allowances, ask them to save up for any souvenirs or extra desserts. Design a common travel plan and budget goal beforehand to ensure everyone is saving up their fair share of the money. So, everyone is happy and everyone gets to enjoy a wonderful trip.

Your journey to save money can get rough, so stay determined and stay on track. Take every effort to add more money to your travel fund. Keep working towards a particular budget and a specific deadline. You will be off to your grand adventure around the world before you know it.

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