Making a Case for Low-Budget Weddings

You might have heard of low-budget weddings, but are they even worth the trouble? The truth is that they offer several perks worth considering. The following are a few reasons why many people turn to low-budget weddings and never look back.


A low-budget wedding usually means you won’t spend much on food, decorations, and other things. It means your event won’t create all the trash normally created at the end of the ceremony and reception. If you’re the kind of person who values sustainability, then this type of wedding is for you. Sometimes, to save money, you may use recycled items, which are also sustainable. The planet will thank you, and so will your friends or family members who care about sustainability.

Saves Money

The average woman’s wedding ring is a little more than a thousand dollars, and that’s being conservative. That’s one of the many expenses you have to deal with, but keep in mind that affordable wedding bands and rings get the job done. If you understand that a low-budget wedding is just as good as a typical one, then you’re going to save some money. There’s no telling what you could do with all that money, and most couples need the cash.


Everyone knows a low-budget wedding is usually a smaller and more intimate wedding. The reality is you save money with a small gathering. More people means you’ll have to rent a larger venue to give everyone enough space. All of that goes away, and the best thing is that a pandemic-proof wedding is much more plausible. If you keep your list small, it’s easier to maintain social distancing. The chance of dealing with a family member or friend who isn’t taking the pandemic seriously is a lot lower. You know that’s good for everyone.


Opting for an inexpensive wedding means those big ideas you had for your honeymoon are more reachable. Maybe you can go country-hopping around Europe for your honeymoon. If that’s not what you want and wish to do something a little more family-focused, you could use that money to buy your first house together. The possibilities are endless because you decided to avoid that over-the-top, expensive wedding. A traditional wedding in the United States can cost more than $33,000. Go ahead and use that money a little more wisely.


There are many moving pieces in a large wedding, and that could be a headache to control. Who’s going to be sitting where? Who’s going to be in charge of what? All of these questions and more are going to be floated around. You’ll have to figure out a way to answer them before the wedding, and you’re going to be responsible for every detail that goes right or wrong. Sure, you can hire a wedding coordinator to help you deal with everything, but it’ll be costly when it’s a big event. A smaller wedding will be easier to control, and a wedding planner might offer a better rate since it’s much smaller.

There you have it. You know why weddings are getting smaller. If you’re trying to envision how one of these might be, consider watching some examples online so that you see that a low-budget wedding can still be magical.

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