How Do I Choose The Right Caravan TV Antenna In 2021

With a booming number of satellite subscriptions used for streaming video services, live TV has seen a major hike and so as antennas. With antenna, you will have to tune your TV in an old-fashioned way, but of course in high-definition signals.  However, getting good signals, especially when you are on the road, can be challenging because you will be receiving signals from various transmitter towers.

Furthermore, depending on where you are traveling and how you want to use your TV, there are a plethora of options to choose from. So, if you are going to buy an antenna, ask yourself:

    • Where will you use your antenna?
    • Where will you install it?
    • Do you want a permanent mount-in antenna or the one you can pull off when not using?

With this in mind and having the knowledge about the best TV antenna Australia and knowing the answers to the above questions, you can make your purchase. Here are few things to keep in mind when choosing the antenna:


Before you hop on buying any random caravan TV antenna, make sure you check the available channels in your location. Various tools are available to find the nearest TV station. Some stations even provide a map that shows distance and the type of antenna you need to get strong signals from every station. Once you know which tv you can get near you, you can find the best antenna.

With TV station tools, you can categorize nearby stations depending upon the outdoor antenna you need to tune your channel. This also happens because your indoor antennas are dependent on your home’s architecture, and any structure can interfere with them. Also, there is a multidirectional antenna that is mounted outdoors.

Multidirectional or Directional Antenna:

These are designed to attract signals from different directions. Usually, they are flat or in rectangle shapes or discs that you can mount on the window. If mounted properly, you can tune tv antenna for caravan to any station irrespective of whether you have placed the station to north, east, south, or west.  Directional antennas, on the other hand, are in the shape of arrows, tubes, or fins and have to be pointed toward the station in which you are tuning them.

Caravan TV Power:

Often Caravan Tv is of 12 volts while others use standard ac/dc power. Therefore, choosing a power that is compatible with your power source is what you should pick. Ensure you can use them on DC power as compatibility with the main hook-ups will not be possible.

Other things to keep in mind when installing an antenna:

Light of Sight:

Your antenna need not has to be in the visual distance with respect to the signal tower. However, it should be facing in the right direction, having a clear line of sight. In simpler terms, it means there should not be any/ minimum obstructions in the way. Things like trees, bushes, or motorhomes can hinder the signals. As long as the signal is facing in the right direction and is as far from any blockages, you will be able to watch Netflix in your caravan.

Interference Due To Weather:

Wet and windy weather, snow, aggressive rainfall, and sometimes even thick fog can often obstruct the signals that your antenna will detect. You might be a victim of jumpy, stutter, pixelated pictures with choppy and discordant sounds. If this is happening with you, protect your signals from such elements or look for the best indoor tv antenna Australia.


If you are traveling in a caravan and want to enjoy movie dates with your loved one, you need to make sure everything is working, especially the signals.

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