Macanese and Chinese Cuisine

Without a doubt, the Macao style of Portuguese cuisine is a must-try when you visit Macao. The Portuguese cuisine in Macao was brought in during the 16th and 17th Century. Macanese cuisine is also used to differentiate between the Portuguese and Macao cuisines. With more and more Portuguese people moving to Macao, the influence of their culture and culinary style is highly recognized in the region. The unique tastes are popular among the Macanese because of its diversity.

Merging the traditional cooking style of Chinese and Portuguese food, the major techniques involve grilling and roasting. Coconut milk, cinnamon and turmeric are commonly chosen as core ingredients. The following are some of the best Macanese signature dishes!

Have you ever thought of blending the flavors between coconut milk and chicken? If you haven’t tried this rare combination, go try the Baked Coconut Chicken in Portuguese Style. Though it looks like a typical Chicken Curry, the Portuguese-style dish has a stronger aftertaste because of the pleasant aroma of coconuts. The dish is usually prepared together with potatoes, and red onions which further stimulate the taste. After the first try, you’re more than likely to go back for seconds. The dish is certainly going to fill up your stomach as it is served with rice. Therefore, you can treat it as your lunch as well as your dinner.

Minchi, is a Macanese dish believed to be favored by the younger generation of Macanese people. The name of it was influenced by the Chinese pronunciation of the word “minced”. It is cooked by infusing beef. Households often cook the dish as it is relatively easy to prepare as well as it being extremely delicious. To distinguish the Minchi from the typical Minced Beef Rice, the former is normally served with a fried egg while the latter comes together with a fried egg with some added potatoes. Preferably, the Macanese marinate the beef in either a light or dark soy sauce during, rather than prior to cooking.

To further fill up your stomach, Macanese cuisine is also famous for its Deep-fried Bacalhau Balls. Another name for this delight is Codfish Balls. Bacalhau Balls are oval shape and are deep-fried until it is golden brown, they also have a crispy coating with a soft inner texture. You will certainly enjoy the fusion of different textures. This enticing side dish is worth a try as it requires a good amount of preparation work. Because the main ingredients include salty codfishes in which the soaking procedures can take up to two to three days the dish will leave a salty but delightful taste in your mouth. Dipping the codfish balls in chipotle or spicy sauce can further enhance the taste. Youngsters tend to favor this heavenly dish as it is considered a treat.

Aside from the famous crab congee in Macao, seafood lovers should also try the Macanese Grilled Chili Prawns. The Macanese style prawns are grilled just before serving. Portuguese food is generally cooked with spices therefore tastes of chili, parsley and olive oil make it delicious and unforgettable. You may also wish to try the Curry Shrimps and Curry Crabs if you are a huge seafood lover.

The Macanese style of Portuguese cuisine evolved for quite some time and is now well known and loved by many people. You can easily find one or two themed Macanese restaurants or open-air cafés specializing in Macanese cuisines.

After tasting the Macanese cuisines, go search for the Chinese Dim Sums in Macao! The Dim Sums are of high standard just the way it should be in a region of China. It is a common ritual for the Chinese to go “Yum Cha’’- this involves having a meal at your local Chinese restaurants in the morning during the weekends, feasting on a variety of Dim Sum served with a hot pot of Chinese tea, while catching up with your family and friends.

Chinese Dim Sums are commonly steamed in bamboo baskets. Each kind of Dim Sum requires careful handling from the chef when it is made from scratch. The most popular Dim Sums are Shrimp Dumplings, Noodle Rolls, and many more. Most of them, especially the dumplings, must be wrapped meticulously by the chef. Some Chinese restaurants are so creative that they make the Dim Sums into a form of animal for instance, Shrimp Dumpling is sometimes made to look like a goldfish. This tends to attract many customers as it creates a stunning photo for their food album.

You can find many restaurants in Taipa which have gained recognition from the Michelin Stars Awards. These restaurants are known for its impeccable service and high quality food which will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

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