Festivals and Places to Go in Macao for Youngsters

A range of large-scale events is held each year to celebrate different festivals in Macao. These events are appealing to the locals and visitors. If you want to explore the artistic side of Macao, here is some information about the highlight attractions and festivals in Macao especially for couples and youngsters.

Interested in spending a romantic night in Macao? You should visit the Macao Light Festival that is usually organized in December. Previously, the theme was “the Fairy Tale of Lights”, in which designers decorated famous tourist spots such as the Ruins of St. Paul’s, the St. Dominic’s Church and the A-Ma Temple with glamorous neon-lights. The 3D mapping and light installation surrounded the area, which brought the city to life. Find your inner child and experience the enchanted fairy tale atmosphere.

The Light Festival is a brand-new warming festival in Macao which creates a loving and romantic atmosphere. Go on this magical and dreamy journey with your other half and watch myriads of neon lights illuminate the city. People who are into photography can grasp the opportunity to capture the flamboyant moments of the Light Festival. The fantastic scenes certainly leave audiences with an unforgettable experience.

Besides this shimmering event, couples can ramble at the Travessa da Paixão. The literal meaning of it is “the Lane of Love”. It is located near the Ruins of St. Paul’s. The combination between classic and modern styling gives the atmosphere a nice touch, perfect for a romantic night with your loved one, making unforgettable memories.

The annual Macao International Fireworks Display Contest is another huge event attracting tons of spectators. The festival is held each year in September that welcomes contestants from all around the globe such as China, United Kingdom, France and Finland to show their unique firework display. Locals and tourists watch as the splendid event brings joy to the crowds. If you wish to take a closer look at the stunning fireworks, you can take a cruise on the ferry and raise your head to appreciate the sparkling burst of lights above you. Do not miss the chance to look at the colorful sky! Other than admiring the beauty of the fireworks, you may also take part in the photo contest to share your artistic work with others!

As Macao has a cultural blend between the East and the West, it places emphasis on the music development. The Macao International Music Festival is another worldwide event which is organized every year. With 30 years of performing experience, this music festival has grown more and more well-known and is moving towards an international level. Support the music industry by showing up at this event and get exposed to various types of music genres. If you are chasing the dream to be in the music industry, get inspired by the performances of these professional musicians. It is often said that music has the power to divert your mind from your busy life. The Music Festival is the perfect escape to forget about all the clutter in your life and a place to just enjoy the music.

Since the Handover of Macao to China in 1999, every anniversary is highly anticipated. The “Parade through Macao, Latin City” takes place in Macao on 20th December every year to applaud with the Macanese citizens. Incorporated with the Latin culture, this function unites the community together by hosting performances such as magic shows, puppet shows, Bollywood dance shows, etc. The parade gets through the city from the Ruins of St. Paul’s to the ending point at the Tap Seac Square. On this wonderful day, the streets are packed with people. The splendour of Macao is expressed to the fullest extent with people celebrating the big day with families and friends.

The mentioned festivals are certainly some of the best events held in Macao. Photographers can take as many photos as they like while artistic people can opt for the shows they find intriguing. Couples can also enjoy dating in Macao with the beautiful architecture and romantic surroundings. Have fun in Macao by engaging in these events.

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