List Of US Courses Most Sought After By International Students

Education in the United States of America is extremely scientific, modern and innovative. Boasting of several top ranked institutions, highly accomplished faculty, cutting edge infrastructure, excellent  research opportunities, and career options, the country attracts thousands of international students every year. Right from undergraduate level to postdoc, sciences to the arts, American institutions are the most sought after in the world currently. Here is the 美国大学排名 of subjects and courses that are most sought after by international students.


With over two hundred thousand international students studying in various fields of engineering in the country, it is undoubtedly the course which attracts the most students from all over the world. The popularity of engineering can be ascribed to the rise of MNCs and the lucrative international job opportunities that await at the end of degree. The disciplines of civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical seem to be the most popular among students.

Business and Management

Tailing close with over 195K international students in the field, business and management degrees are the next hot favorite. Not only is a professional degree like MBA sought after, other business and management degrees such as accounting, marketing, finance, international business, business administration and management, supply chain management etc are extremely popular as well. This high popularity of business and management degrees is widely attributed to the rising globalization of the job market.

Physics, Math, and Life Science

The three basic divisions of the science department combine together to be the next most popular choice for international students. These subjects, and their interdisciplinary courses have gained immense popularity owing to the brilliant research opportunities they present.

Computer Science

Technology is the future of our world, and IT it is currently the backbone behind every running industry in the world. Therefore, it is no wonder that the field of computer science has gained such immense popularity, particularly among international students, as it opens up global job opportunities in practically any field in any country of the world.

Social Science

As the world is slowly waking up to social justice, students are becoming increasingly interested in the social sciences. This field aims to study and understand society and its finer aspects, subtle differences in culture, life and more, in order to make human life better and more fulfilling. It also includes the field of psychology, which has seen a huge surge recently thanks to the rising awareness on mental health.


Possibly the single largest department in the field of humanities, English literature, language and theory courses contribute to tens of thousands international students who come to the US to pursue a degree in the field. With excellent research and teaching opportunities, it is a coveted field. Not only full term courses, a number of students with English majors also visit the country for shorter cultural exchange programs.


Healthcare has always been a coveted and evolving field. Courses supporting medical professionals such as nursing, nutrition, physical therapy, occupational therapy etc bring thousands of international students to the US annually.

Along with these broader spectrum of subjects there are also several niche, specialized and exciting interdisciplinary studies and courses offered in the country, which bring students from all over the world to the US.

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