Life on the Road: What to Cook While Camping?

Cooking while camping is a matter of contention that might even put you off going off-grid. These tips for cooking on the road will help you get a balanced meal, even if you can’t find a stove.

Cooking on the road is no mean feat. If you can’t light a fire, some days you don’t eat. Camping stoves and other campfire accessories will help you make sure to get a delicious meal in your belly, regardless of the location. Here is what you need to know about cooking while camping – is it even possible? Let’s find out.

How to Cook While Camping?

Firstly, let’s cover what you need if you are cooking while you are camping out. A portable camping stove is an excellent idea. There are countless camping stove recipes out there that can keep you occupied with interesting meals. These innovative devices usually work by using a small gas canister. You insert the can of butane in one end, in front of the controls. There is an inbuilt sparker to ignite the flame of the hob, and a small metal grill area where your pot can balance.

Alternatively, you can go old school and cook straight onto the camp fire. This style of cooking has become popular recently due to some romanticism and a few good TikTok videos. Campfire cooking will require the kinds of utensils you use to cook on a grill. Think of it like a barbecue you have only the loosest control over and get ready to have some adventures. A skillet is especially useful, as are tongs, a grill pan, and fire-proof pots and pans.

What to Cook While Camping?

Asides from the campfire recipes, what should you cook while you are camping?

Starting with the essential ingredients, pack these things to be able to cook on the road:

      • A little butter
      • Salt and pepper
      • Spices
      • Sugar
      • Milk powder
      • Eggs
      • Cheese
      • Bread
      • Dried meats

You should consider a cooler box for cold ingredients like butter or potentially raw meats. Eureka have a wonderful list of camp food basics. You can also read about luxury family camping, here.

Campfire and Camping Stove Recipes

There are several recipes that fit into a single pot, making it easier to eat on the move. Here are some favorites.

Eggs, omelets, French toast, and more

Eggs are great for camping. You can fry them up for breakfast, boil them for lunch, and create award winning omelets with them for your evening meal. Crack a few eggs and dip bread in them then fry it for French toast or beat your eggs to scrambled. To make an award-worthy omelet, take jars of dry or preserved ingredients and make it extra special. Chorizo and sun-dried tomatoes are a distinct way to make your omelet amazing.

Pastas, rice, noodles, and spices

Rice, pasta, and even noodles, can all be great campfire food. Pasta with pour over sauces are especially useful. You can make pasta in sauce in one pan, using chopped tinned tomatoes and dried meats. You can even cook the meat fresh on the fire, rotisserie style, and add it to the pasta. As for noodles, take a jar of miso and simply add water and noodles to eat. Add chili powder to taste. Chili powder can even turn your plain tomato pasta into a spicy arrabiata.

The Camping Trip Awaits

If you have followed this advice, you should have a tasty meal at the end of every trek.

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