Lefkada, the Pearl of the Ionian Islands

Greek islands can easily be considered one of the most beautiful places in Europe. They captivate not only with the unique, idyllic climate, dream weather, but also with excellent conditions for yachting. A perfect solution for adventurous people is a yacht charter. Noteworthy is Lefkada — an island located in the Ionian Sea. It will be a good choice for those who are looking for a picturesque and slightly less famous place to spend a vacation. You can start your journey in the beautiful city of Lefkas or the peaceful Perigiali.

Pearl of the Ionian Islands

The name of the island comes from the ancient name of Cape Lefkas “White Rock”. Legend has it that the Greek poet Sappho threw herself into the sea. During the yacht cruise, we can admire the breathtaking views — white cliffs, beautiful beaches, azure, transparent water or amazing waterfalls. The island has a very mountainous shape and although it is small, visiting it does not take much time. It is worth sailing around the island and mooring in ports to visit the most interesting places of the island.

What is worth seeing?

Lefkada is famous for its wonderful beaches. It is worth to include them during our cruise. Undoubtedly, one of the most charming is Porto Katsiki. There are perfect conditions for diving in the transparent, beautiful water of the Ionian Sea. Beaches such as Kathisma or Egremni are also worth of attention.

When it comes to interesting towns, we should check the capital of the island — the city of Lefkada. There is a port with up to 650 yachts slots. So it is a great base for exploring the interior. People who want to feel the real Greek atmosphere easily cross something for themselves. The main street abounds in numerous stalls, shops, bars and taverns. Being on Lefkada it is worth seeing the Dimosari waterfalls, available near Nidri. It’s the perfect place to cool off after a hot day on the yacht.

If we are lovers of small, atmospheric port towns, it is necessary to find Syvota. We will find great restaurants and taverns serving fresh fish and seafood. And we should try our hand at sport to find something for ourselves. One of the oldest cities of the island is Karia — situated on the mountain slopes. You can visit the folklore museum there and admire the unique recesses of the village.

Yacht charter allows for freedom in choosing the places that we want to see. Choosing Lefkada as the starting point for our holiday to hit the spot! The island can be admired from the deck of the yacht, but also nailed to the port and visit charming towns. Lefkada is the perfect place for people looking for a peaceful holiday in a truly Greek atmosphere!

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