Learning to Conduct Instagram Correctly: Useful Tips for Every Day

Today we will talk about simple, clear and valuable secrets that will help to lead Instagram more effectively.

Here you will learn how to attract and gain a wide audience on Instagram. Many brands now use Nitreo to get more followers. Read more.

Be patient.

The world was not created in one minute. Any undertaking requires a lot of time and effort. Here the same rules apply: to get the result, you have to try. Just because the popularity does not appear, unless you are a well-known person, for example, an actor or singer. But even these people initially had to make a lot of effort to become famous. If you are looking for a shortcut to becoming famous, you should  buy 50 Instagram followers. Otherwise, remember that instant success is a great rarity and, as a rule, you cannot count on it. Therefore, take your time and just put effort into it.

Offer your followers quality.

In other words, it’s better to post less, but it should be exciting and informative content that will create interest, intrigue and attract a new audience on Instagram. Sometimes one correct publication helps to raise the value of an account. Especially if you take into account all the nuances and tricks, which we will discuss later in this article. For example, if you place an ordinary selfie, then the audience is unlikely to attract. Think for yourself who might be interested in a photo of yourself, no matter how attractive it is? It is logical that only you and your friends personally, but no more. Therefore, before posting anything online, think about the idea, content, and presentation of the material.

Choose for yourself one central theme.

This should be your reference point continuously. So, practical and straightforward advice – you should not post everything that comes to mind. Such actions will not bring the desired results. Identify for yourself a niche that you will stick to in your publications. For example, the theme of travel, cooking or sports. Why is it important? As experience shows, before starting to follow an account, people visit a profile and watch what a person writes about, how they position themselves. And only after that, they decide whether to follow an account or not. It becomes entirely uninteresting for the target audience on Instagram if he posts anything not related to travel. By the way, do not think that the choice of a narrow niche limits the possibilities for content and creativity. This is not true. Understand one simple thing: if you plan to seriously engage in the promotion and development of your social network profile, then this issue should be approached as a business, not as entertainment. It’s clear that if you want to post your beautiful photos, no one can stop you from doing this. But in this case, do not expect your Instagram audience to grow. It will not happen. Therefore, determine your goals and act accordingly.


An important nuance that should not be forgotten is # hashtags. This is a simple but effective social networking tool that helps to attract the target audience on Instagram… The question immediately arises how many and which hashtags should be placed under each publication. If we speak of the quantity, then in the maximum number is 30 tags. This is the maximum, how much to use is a personal matter. On average, you should use about ten. This number does not annoy users, but if the number of tags under the publication is enormous, then the post itself will not look very aesthetically pleasing and cause negative emotions, as it will be associated by followers with advertising. And advertising, as you know, strains people in any of its manifestations.

Create your own unique hashtag.

Be unique, create your own personal branded tag that will exclusively display your publications. And always place it first in the list of hashtags. Just make it a rule and post your tag every time you publish something. This will increase the recognition of your account among the Instagram target audience. Also, on Instagram, there is such a function as following hashtags. If the content that you post with this tag is attractive to the public, then people will start to follow the tag. And this is a plus in your personal box of followers.

Think globally.

And use all the possibilities of the Internet space to develop your Instagram profile. Turn on the imagination and make a plan. Your profile can be advertised and promoted in different ways and on different Internet sites. For example, you can write articles in various publications that have no relation to social networks, or post videos on YouTube. And this is not the end. Sit down and think, for sure you will immediately have exciting and original ideas, where you can promote yourself.

Creative with pictures.

Now you will not surprise anyone with ordinary photos. Remember that Instagram is a visual platform. Here the crucial role is played by the picture. To gain an audience on Instagram, you need to hook users with an original image. And only after that, they will start reading what is written under the picture.

Communicate and meet new people on Instagram.

Do not forget that you are on a social network. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate, to establish new contacts. Remember that the rule of six degrees of separation has not been canceled. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your target audience on Instagram. After all, new acquaintances can quickly recommend you to their friends, and so on. It’s like word of mouth, which sometimes works much more efficiently than paid advertising.


We hope our simple tips helped answer the question of how to gain an audience on Instagram. And remember that the promotion and development of an account is a job that must be taken seriously and responsibly. You cannot give up everything and go on holiday. If you understand that you need to take a time out, then use the function of scheduled posting. Scheduled posting on Instagram for the week ahead and travel calmly.

As you can see all the issues can be solved without problems if you approach them wisely. Post interesting and informative content regularly, and the target audience on Instagram will grow. Good luck with your promotion.

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