Las Vegas magic shows in 2018

Would you like to experience something extraordinary and magical while you are in Las Vegas? This is more than possible with a large variety of amazing events staged in this glorious city that seems to never sleep! So, after you have hit the jackpot at a local casino (we sincerely hope you have) and enjoyed all the luxury amenities of the hotel, get some Las Vegas magic show tickets for you and your whole family or perhaps friends (if you are celebrating a bachelorette party or a hangover) to make the closing of your Las Vegas journey unforgettably fascinating!

Here are the best shows you can visit in Las Vegas in 2018.

Paranormal – Mind Reading Magic Show

Appearing in Windows, Bally’s Las Vegas sitting in the hall with an internationally famous mentalist Frederic Da Silva on the stage, you are guaranteed with some of the most fantastic experiences of your whole life! Your visit will be saturated with lots of mystery, accurate mind-reading, and hypnosis. As a result, you will leave the hall amazed and astonished!

Frederic Da Silva was recognized as the most powerful mentalist in entire Europe. And now, there is a real chance to see his grandiose Las Vegas magic show with your own eyes. Surely, you won’t ever understand how this grandiose mentalist guesses who you are thinking about, what you are holding in your pocket, or how he stops the watch at the exact time you kept in your mind. Yet, all this and plenty of other stuff with a spice of divination and paranormal won’t leave you indifferent!

Vegas Masters of Illusion

Another mind-blowing Las Vegas magic show The Masters of Illusion performed at the Jubilee Theater, at Bally’s, promises its visitors the greatest illusions of our time! The show presents to the audience’s attention five different magicians on a single stage with each having his/her own unique talent. The transactions from one act of the show to another are made quickly and professionally so that you can’t make out there were totally different. Besides, what makes people adore this performance and keep on attending it even after several years since it was first staged, is the humor incorporated into the performance. There are scenes you can’t but laugh hysterically, while at other points you watch the scene with eyes wide open, jaws dropped down and even hardly breathing. The show is promised to be played till the beginning of Autumn, 2018.

David Copperfield in Las Vegas

There can’t be any magic performance fan, who wouldn’t adore the unmatched talent and charisma of David Copperfield. This legendary showman has been recognized as the “greatest illusionist of our time” both by the critics and audiences. It’s been several decades since Copperfield has been amazing his fans around the world with television events and great tours around the globe. The mere Broadway play by David was an astounding success! And now, this fantastic illusionist and showman keeps on delighting its audiences with charming stories and unbelievable illusions right in Vegas! With his performance, Copperfield proves that magic can be as vast and unpredictable as imagination! Order your tickets beforehand as you will hardly find any spare seats at Hollywood Theater – MGM Grand if you choose to get them at the counter.

David Copperfield’s Las Vegas magic show 2018 dates stretch up to December 31 and the vast majority of tickets (almost 90%) are already sold out.

Criss Angel: Mindfreak Live!

Sit back and… Don’t even try to relax as long as you are at the Luxor Theater, Luxor Hotel watching the breathtaking show by Criss Angel! Unlike other magicians, Criss Angel is the bad boy of the world of magicians. This Goth-rock-magician loves to shout at his audience and always has his audience stand and shout back in a high level of excitement! The Mindfreak Live promises ninety minutes of adrenaline-filled performance accompanied by a slew of comedians, dancers, acrobats and live musicians. There will also be the Criss’ charming vixen Chloe Crawford who is a talented illusionist herself! You will witness a plethora of hand tricks and magic illusions spiced with 3D special effects, pyrotechnics and laser explosions. As long as you are in Vegas attending Criss Angel: Mindfreak Live!, you should let your mind get freaked!

Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream

Who if not Xavier Mortimer, a known illusionist and a former performer at Cirque du Soleil, could combine comedy and drama so artfully, that it would turn out to be a grandiose magic show?! Hurry to take your seat at the Sin City Theater in Planet Hollywood and witness fourteen fascinating acts that together create a seamless dream world right on the stage! These acts are set in different styles, starting from physical comedy style of Charlie Chaplin with those popular funny cymbals tricks and ending with Mary Poppin’s wonderment. Mortimer really succeeded in creating a play perfectly rendering what it looks like to appear in a dream world, yet without the use of magic tricks.

These were the best Las Vegas magic show reviews you ought to see whenever you appear in Vegas!

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