Jewish heritage in Russia: 3 must visit places

Traveling the world is one of the fun activities that people do. Everyone travels for a reason. In many instances, people visit other places in the world to explore different cultures. It might have been a lifelong dream. So when they finally get a chance, and with help from a professional tours company, they take it with open arms.

You can also tour a place to reconnect with culture. It is a perfect road to self-discovery. Russia is one of the places with the greatest collection of heritage and history. It is even amazing how the Jewish culture is rooted here.

A complicated history

The story of the Jews in Russia is one that cannot be explained in simple words. Many of the Jews believe that their history is linked to Russia. In fact, Russia contained the largest population of Jews about a century ago.

One would assume that the case has changed until now. But the truth is, many generations of Russians were raised in the darkness. They seem not to connect with their root because imperial Russia was anti-Semitic for many years.

The Jewish residents under czars were left to exist in poverty in the Pale of Settlement. This situation became even worse under the Soviet rule.

The communities were destructed further, with some converting to Orthodox Christianity. Others simply kept their identities under the shades to protect their families. While others just left to seek a better life in the US. The Jews were forced to identify themselves as Jews and not Russians. Their internal Soviet passports identified them with their religion and not a nation.

Many of them become strangers in the lands as those who sort a better state of things moved. But this did not end the Jewish culture.

You can still explore this culture through travel

Russia is not the same anymore after the fall of the Soviet Union. Many of the modern Russians are finding a way to reconnect with their roots.

Gil Travel will give you the best experience for exploring this heritage. The following are the three places you can include in your tour.

1.    Mosco

The first Jewish merchants and tradesman arrived in Moscow in the 15th century. They had been in Western Russia for more than seven centuries though. They started settling here, but some were deported back to the Pale Settlements. They were allowed back in Moscow at the beginning of the 19th century.

The Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center contain all info you might need.

2.    St. Petersburg

This place also forbade the Jewish culture for many years. But this changed during the 19th and 20th century, and the city began to witness more Jews. Places like the St. Petersburg Conservatory and the Mariinsky Theater show the Jews’ contribution to development here.

3.    Birobidzhan

This is the capital of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast that was offered to the Western Russia Jews. There are great sites like the Birobidzhan synagogue, the History Museum of the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Monument to Shalom Aleichem.

You can explore these places with a great tour company.

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