Is Your Business Suffering Because of Low Employee Morale?

For a business, the best technology or infrastructure won’t amount to much without a dedicated workforce. Employees are the core part of any organisation and their contribution to a business’ success is irreplaceable. That is why it is important to examine the pros and cons when deciding on Zenefits or Rippling HR software for your small business.

Have you observed a recent dip in employee motivation and productivity? This is an alarming situation for the future of your organization. Employee engagement, morale and motivation isn’t something that can be taken for granted. It’s imperative to take an active interest in motivating employees to sustain their drive to perform better.

In this post, we’re sharing some ways you can enhance your organisation’s overall productivity and performance standards. Take a look.

Work on Communication

It’s important to keep employees in the loop for decisions that concerns them. Whether you’re talking about switching job roles or expanding your clientele, employees should know when decisions are made regarding things that concern them. This is where getting everyone together on a regular basis can really help because team huddles improve task execution.

Also, as a leader, you should create a supportive work environment. Regularly ask employees if they’re facing any challenges and if they’re happy with the work.

Focus on Employee Recognition

Employees will gradually lose the motivation to give their best if their efforts aren’t recognised. Just like it’s necessary to highlight mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future, it’s essential to give credit where credit is due.

Employee recognition doesn’t always mean a job promotion or a raise. You can boost morale by verbally praising or sending out a congratulatory email for exceptional performance.

Improve Working Conditions

Improving working conditions is one of the easiest ways to improve employee productivity and morale. Employees won’t be able to give their best in an unhygienic, cluttered and noisy office space.

Invest in creating a workplace that inspires creativity and encourages focus. London features some of the best serviced offices in the world with areas such as Hackney leading the way by providing plenty of open-plan workspaces on flexible terms.

Organise Team Building Events

Outdoor Team Building Activities are specifically designed to help organisations improve employee productivity, inspire teamwork and increase motivation. In addition to providing a nice break from work, organising team-building activities is an excellent way to encourage creativity and improve communication.

Ask for Feedback

Communication is a two-way street. In order to improve employee motivation, ask for their feedback. This will help you discover what your organisation lacks. However, just asking for feedback is not enough, you must implement relevant improvements.

Conduct Training

Most industries are continually evolving and for employees to keep up, they should have the relevant training and skills. Ensure that you conduct required employee training to enhance employee skills.

Encourage Breaks

Unfortunately, society has glamorised the idea of working to the point of exhaustion. Working with insufficient breaks gives leeway to error and lowers morale.

Encourage your employees to take their full lunch break. Apart from this, it’s a smart idea to create a lunchroom or recreational space so that employees can step away from their desk for lunch.

Furthermore, employees shouldn’t be reprimanded or discouraged from taking leave. Breaks and vacations are essential for employees to rest and recharge.

Align Business & Personal Goals

Employees will fail to work productively if they feel that their contribution isn’t making a difference. It’s crucial to understand your employees’ goals and help them align those with overall business goals. This connection gives them a sense of belongingness and achievement.

Recognise Personal Achievements and Losses

Yes, they are your employees, but they are also human beings. So, just showing concern for professional performance is not going to create a long-lasting work relationship. By recognising personal achievements or losses, you can show care for employees beyond a monetary purpose.

Final Words

A productive workplace is an amalgamation of the above-mentioned points in varying degrees. From planning Team Building Events to giving out incentives, what works for your organisation? Let us know in the comments below.

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