Is Social Media Beneficial for Travelers?

The impact that social networks have on the tourism sector is huge. All content found on the Internet is likely to be commented on, shared, recommended, and even criticized through social media platforms.

It’s beneficial to use social media if you travel a lot. There are many websites, apps, and blogs that contain all the traveling information that many wouldn’t even think about. What to do if you have a flat tire on the road? What are the most popular places in the country you are visiting? Where is it cheaper to stay? All these questions have already been covered by experienced travelers and posted online.

Social networks inspire travelers and help them make decisions. But what are people usually looking for when it’s time to hit the road? The first thing is usually destination information, advice, and ideas. They also seek inspiration: where to go, what to see, and who to talk to about certain places.

Once you have decided on the place where you will travel, you should begin to track offers and promotions. After comparing the prices of the destination where you want to go, it is time to read about the experience of those who already have something to say, and social media is the best place to do this. Reach out to people and ask for their advice.

The latest study reveals that the most used networks in the world are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube where most users find inspiration from other users.

It must be taken into account that social networks, the central feature of which is photography (Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr), are essential for tourism promotion. You know, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the case of traveling, pictures become pure inspiration.

You cannot ignore forums and traveler websites that create a community: Tripadvisor, Minube, and travel blogs are beneficial for anyone who wants to consult professionals before setting out on a journey. There you can find hotels, restaurants, travel stories, and things to do.

Top social media sites for travelers:

Gone are the days when vacationers sought to disconnect from technology. Today, 74% of people say they use social networks while traveling.

The love of sharing travel experiences through photos, videos, and status updates is a clear sign that potential customers are out there, using the networks not only for inspiration for their trips but also for planning and booking.

Each social network has its characteristics, purposes, and types of users. Here you will find websites that may be of use if you want to travel or just draw inspiration from the content of beautiful places.


With more than 2.9 billion monthly users, Facebook remains the most used social network in the world. Facebook allows you to create communities around a topic of common interest. This is a good opportunity for you to share your travel experience since 52% of users start to follow pages related to their next vacation.


Leadar is a website where you can search for people by their name, social media, education, company, and much more. It’s especially great if you know people you want to travel with but have no idea how to reach out to them. Let’s say, you met a person and lost their number. The only thing you know is the name. In this case, Leadar will help you find them.


97% of millennials say they share photos while traveling. Instagram is the platform par excellence for photographs, so travelers have a great opportunity to share their pictures on this social network. It also has a lot of users who post advice and experience regarding traveling. Just don’t forget to use hashtags.


If you are a vlogger, nothing can be better than YouTube. Without a doubt, it is the number one platform for video content. Millions of traveling videos are uploaded by those who visit different countries. Whatever place you would like to go to, just find a video about it on YouTube and decide if you want to visit this place.

YouTube offers a format that allows uploading longer videos that are great for storytelling (such as blogging videos, reviews, or tours).


Being a visual platform, Pinterest works incredibly well for travelers who like getting inspired and inspiring others through pictures. Traveling is in the top ten most popular topics on the platform. But the main advantage of the website is that pins are more durable and are shared a hundred times more than a post on Facebook or other social networks.


Without a doubt, TikTok is the social network of the moment, mainly for people under 30. Its algorithm is very efficient at showing users what they like to see, which is why it is so addictive. At the moment the hashtag #TikTokTravel has 35.9 billion views.

With TikTok, you have three elements to play with: video, music, and special effects. The key to success is to use them to generate creative content. Many people who travel post short videos on TikTok about their experience. It’s a good alternative for those who prefer short videos instead of longer ones.


TripAdvisor is one of the best online travel companies. It has a website where you can find hotel and restaurant reviews. If a certain hotel, for example, does not appear on the company’s website, many users will probably not consider checking into it. Recently, the platform has been converted into a social network designed to inspire and provide travelers with new assistance tools when embarking on their journey. In this way, users can follow other like-minded profiles, discover tips and recommendations through their travel feed, create routes to share on their social profiles, and access useful travel guides.


If you want to plan a good road trip, nothing can be better than Trippy. When a user searches for their next destination, the search engine itself will suggest following other users who have already visited that place. One of the most convenient functions of the website is that you can plan your journey by hours. Let’s say, you want to set out on a trip from Los Angeles to New York. All you need to do is choose whether you want to travel by car or air, and the website will provide you with the information about everything that is required to plan your dream destination: how many hours to drive, where to stay, when to leave the place, and even where to eat.

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