Is it Safe to get a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The head of the development council of health tourism of Turkey Emin Çakmak, declared that three quarters of a million health tourists descend on Turkey every year. Around sixty thousands of those are believed to visit for hair transplants, and up to 500 hair transplant surgeries are performed each week, on visitors from all over the world.

The sheer numbers of transplant procedures performed are impressive, but how safe is it to undergo a surgical hair restoration procedure in Turkey?

A hair transplant is a delicate and specialised operation, during which individual hair follicles are carefully removed from the head, and replaced in a different location on the scalp. To minimise the risk of scarring and infection, and maximise the potential for a successful transplant and a full head of healthy hair, both surgeon and clinic need to be excellent.

With around 350 clinics to choose from, it’s perhaps inevitable that results can range from world-class to distinctly underwhelming.

One way to avoid the very worst of the transplant clinics, who hire underqualified people and rush procedures to maximise profits, is to stay well clear of the very bargain-basement offers, and stick with the reputable clinics at the higher end of the pay scale. You may also check medihair score of hair transplant doctors in Turkey to be more educated on this. It will still be a lot cheaper than having a hair transplant in other areas of Europe, including the UK.

The hair transplant market, which is fast becoming one of the busiest is the world, is thriving on a combination of low prices and efficient, world-class clinics. Because they are so busy, you can be sure that the surgical teams know exactly what they are doing, and are experienced enough to offer a world class service, at dramatically competitive prices.

It is possible to book a treatment yourself, and take your chances by basing your decision upon reviews and testimonials, but there is another option popular with UK medical tourists. Package specialists such as MedAway work directly with clinics and surgeons to offer tailored hair transplant experiences, which include travel, consultation, procedure, aftercare and flights.

By choosing a company familiar with the hair transplant Turkey scene, who know which clinics and surgeons offer world class treatment, and perhaps even more importantly, which clinics to utterly avoid, it is possible to enjoy a truly first class experience on a budget while avoiding the pitfalls that you may have seen reported in the media, and still return home with an excellent hair transplant.

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